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February 22, 2012

Applications and the Real World

I love my Big Sis and SIL.
It ends up that I have my most revealing conversations with them. 
They save my sanity.

Last Thursday, after a cancelled bible study, SIL and I went out to eat.
She needed time away fro little Noah, who had croup and was hanging out with Math, and I needed food. 
It was perfect.

We got to talking and she asked me about my job search.

Whenever I think about getting a job I feel quite a bit of pressure. 
Jake is getting to the point that we are anywhere from 1-2 years out from Med School. 
Our insurance runs out when his Army contract is up March of 2013.
With the assumption that Med School insurance is either extreamly expensive or really poor coverage I feel like it is my job to carry the insurance while Jake is in Med School.

From this conversation about life in general, as well as many more I have noticed that I'm limiting myself.
I've only been applying to positions on campus.
Benefits are awesome from the University... But now it's getting down to the wire and I have to start looking out in the real world.

The real world?!

Hello, adulthood.

I'm going to continue to apply to positions on campus.
I'm also going to look into local gyms, churches, and other places.

With my work experience being restaurants, retail, and secretarial work and a degree focusing on sports or leisure activities (camping, country clubs, fitness.... Anything that people would participate in after their work day.) would anyone have any ideas?

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