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February 7, 2012

Apartment Projects

I'm sure everyone has been in my place at one point in time.
I'm renting an apartment from a lovely couple whose last tenants were their daughter and her husband. 
I"m feeling a little bored with what is going on.
My zen isn't flowing.
(why did that sound dirty?)
 I'm feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. I'm in need of a complete overhaul. And when I say 'I', I mean my apartment.
But I can't do all that much.
And who wants to sink money into something that isn't theirs?
That question, alone, should be my mantra until Jake and I purchase a house.

Soon, after I give you a picture tour of my place, I will be starting little projects to help me feel a little less restless and a little more creative and crafty.
Hopefully I'll save a little money in the process.

Or spend some.................

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