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February 6, 2012

About My Major

Many of you may be wondering what, exactly, a major in Sports and Leisure entails.
Here is a little insight.

A few of my text books included:

Some of the books were really interesting. 
A few of my favorites were Beer and Circus, Taking the Field, and I Never Had it Made.

Needless to say, I know a ton about sports history. 
Give me a chance to get back into that frame of mind and I can rattle off quite a bit. 
 I had the bad habit of tuning out once my professors and classmates started talking about recent events. 
Sure I'd pay attention when it came to sociological issues like gender roles in sports... But the second people started talking about who won what game or who is playing who... I was in lala land, usually with wedding planning or something of the sort. 

I liked my major.
I liked 98% of my program specific classes.
I liked being one of the few students not involved or rooting for any of the 'Big-time' sports.
I was the opposing opinion.
It was thrilling to look at my peers and challenge them to look at the sporting world from a non-participant point of view.
To open their mind and see the sporting world objectively.

I'm not anti-sports.
I'm really not.
I just believe that in any aspect of our world, significant societal focus generally equals corruption of the activity or of the people involved.
I mean in all actuality, corruption is possible in  any situation...
It's the turning a blind eye to moral and ethical injustices that I don't support, especially in modern sport, and I was very vocal about it in class.
Maybe I wasn't always right, but I didn't mind giving my peers a little perspective.

Anyway. I'm getting a little caught up.

I also enjoyed taking random classes like Fencing, Volleyball, and Racquetball

That's a little insight into what my college experience was like.

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