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January 18, 2012

To Complete The Adjustment

A few days ago I posted about some of my issues
In order to stay truthful to myself I'm changing code names to reflect this decision of mine.

The old list

Mom and Dad - My parents
MIL and SFIL - Jake's parents.
FIL - Jake's dad.

Big Sis and B-Rad- My big sister & her husband.
SIL and Math - Jake's big sister & her husband.
Big Bro and BW - My big brother & his wife.
Twin and TOB - Jake's twin brother & his wife (The Other Bride).

JJ- Big Bro & BW's young man, my step-nephew.
Paisley - Big Sis & B-Rad's little girl.
Noah - SIL & Math's little boy.
Gabe - Twin & TOB's little boy.
DBM- Big Bro & BW's little baby (due in Jan).

KG - My roommate & a friend from high school.
RG - KG's husband & one of Jake's good friends from school.
KM/Bestest - My best friend from high school.

I'm changing TOB's name on my blog.
I'm doing this because I've had multiple people ask if it stood for the other B****. 
It doesn't.
It never did. 
I'm sad that I didn't think about that before.

I'm changing her code name to......
How about......

It's the only thing I can think of.

OK. So from now on TOB will now be WK.

I'm also changing BW to WJ.
And DBM to Damon
And SMIL will stand for step-mother-in-law.

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