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January 19, 2012

Things from My Childhood

Randomly I remember things from my childhood.
I forget about them and they sneak up on me.

Like how my parents got into a car accident in the early 90's that almost bankrupt them. I remember mom being in bed for days with bruises all over her body. It was scary for a 7-8 year old to grasp.
That one accident is the reason why I never realized how 'dirty' people saw second hand clothes until I got into high school. It was our way of life for quite some time. I'm still not bothered in the least by thrift stores. In truth, everything can be washed or bleached... I have my limits, but for the most part, what's the problem? People donate perfectly good clothes because they're not the right size or they just don't wear them anymore.

I remember living in a duplex and sitting in our bay window, watching my siblings get on a school bus while my mom made me melted cheese sandwiches on paper plates in the microwave. 
Yep. That's right.
I peeled off the paper first...
What did I care? It was what I asked for. 
All the time.

I remember our house in Michigan with a big crack in the driveway that we would put the bikes in to spray water everywhere after it rained. Training wheels holding my siblings in place while we soaked anything within range. 
(I was two when we moved to Ohio)

I remember the weeping willow on our farm.
It's still my favorite tree.
And it's why I love Disney's Pocahontas so much.

I remember when my dad got his pace maker. I never was scared, even going into see him at the hospital. I can thank my mom's job for that. He was wiped out, but still strong as ever.

I remember meeting my best friend through grade school through my back fence while our parents talked.
We were 4.
That fence has been through a lot.
It also taught me how to respect my legs when jumping off high things... Like not jumping.
We loved racing from one porch to another, vaulting over that fence like it was nothing.

I remember my first dance class.
It was in my first teacher's house... On her weird brown carpet.
I thought I was so cool.

I remember Big Sis giving me cat food to eat. 
Big Bro and I totally ate a piece... 
Big Sis didn't though.
She knew better.

I remember thinking my first dog was sleeping and just too tired to get up when I was in 2nd grade. And the look on my parent's faces when I told them she wouldn't get up to go into the garage with me.

I remember pretending I was a gymnast in my grade school best friends's basement. doing 'floor routines' to Achey Breaky Heart, Shania Twain, and Backstreet Boys. We've never taken gymnastics.

I remember Polly Pockets
Glow Worms
Littlest Pet Shop
Wanting but never getting a Easy Bake Oven
Pretty Pretty Princes
Electronic Dream Phone (oh Steve from woodland park... It was never you.)
Mall Madness
Perfect Wedding Board Game

I remember going to horse back riding camp and LOVING it... But my parents weren't able to afford it after 2 summers.

I remember being the only girl at Big Bro's boy scout meetings because Dad was the leader and mom had to work night shift sometimes. 
I read a lot... Or practiced my cartwheels and round-off's.

I remember 'getting out of cleaning' and sneaking up to my room to read my American Girl books.

I remember getting blisters in the middle of my hand from Nintendo 64... I think it was from the Mario Party game. No wonder why I love the Wii version so much.

I remember my friends trying to force me to watch scary stuff like Tremmors, or Are You Afraid of the Dark? 
I was scared for life.

I remember gymnastics days in elementary school. The group rotations and hating the rope climbing station.

I remember Secret Santa, book fairs and the school supplies sales during lunch.

I remember trying to take fruit roll ups and rolling them up and sticking them to the roof of my mouth.

I remember riding my bike to the nearest gas station, or the golf course (they had vending machines and my parents didn't buy snack food) or walking to the Anthony Thomas Factory store that was across the street and down a little ways from my neighborhood.

I remember walking to the back of my neighborhood and playing in the creek.

I remember knowing that my mom worked night shift and asking her if I could stay home from school just because. And as long as it wasn't a test or project day, I could... As long as I hid so Dad could leave for work and he wouldn't know. He always found out after work and just shook his head... But I got to spend all day with Mom. (she usually made me promise to clean a little to 'pay for my day')

I remember walking barefoot everywhere.

I remember our deck being old and splintered and one time I dropped a chess set on it and when I was picking up all the scattered pieces getting a 2 inch splinter in my foot. My dad got the tweezers and nail clippers and 'performed surgery' while I sat clenching my teeth and pounding on the floor when things got really painful.

I remember my one sleepover/birthday party with 4 of my friends. I think I was turning 7 or 8... It wasn't really fun for me, someone went home. I didn't want to be a bad hostess, so my friends picked the movie and I didn't like it. People complained about sleeping in sleeping bags on our family room floor. 
So my birthdays were only family dinners after that.

I remember the Zainey Brainey toy store... And Media Play's kid section.

I remember dressing up and doing the Dance Workout With Barbie and Sweatin' to The Oldies.

I miss it, but I can't wait to see what it's going to be like for my kid's generation.

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Nikki said...

These are awesome memories. I only hope to create such moments for my kid