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January 5, 2012

My First Big Girl Interview

I have an interview today.

I'm happy but skeptical at the same time.
I got called for a position that came open in my building in a different department. 
I hope that the fact that I'm already in the system, I've updated my HIPPA training, I'm current on every shot and immunization that is required had anything to do with the decision.
I hope that I really was chosen for an interview because on paper I'm a good candidate.

We'll see. 
Knowing everyone in the building isn't a bad thing. It provides a level of comfort that I have to be aware of. I can't be too informal, this is a position that is way more formal than my current position after all.

I just hope that if I am offered the position, that it is a good fit and will last me through Jake's schooling.

At least I look good. 
My 'work appropriate' clothes have been dying to get the chance to be worn. 
You should see my outfit for today.
I went with the conservative, yet stylish vibe.

I'll post pictures later.

Prayers for my interview would be really awesome!
Wish me luck and think kind thoughts.
You are all so awesome.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Go Erin!!!!! Can't wait to hear how you rock this interview!

ALin said...