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January 24, 2012

Mommy, Dearest

I may have never talked about this, but my mom is a RN who works in the postnatal department. She is one of the nurses who takes care of the mom's and babies after delivery. She is in the patient rooms, the nursery, the NICU.
She can stand there and recite the check out process until she is blue in the face.
She loves her job.

She is a mom who never kept the facts from us. I knew about the human body looooong before my friends. I just so happened to be a curious and book based child. I (my mom) had an old Grey's Anatomy medical text book that I use to carry around and call my 'study guide' when I was little. She loved it. I would look at the drawings and ask all kinds of questions and she never saw the point in making things up just because I was young. 
Facts were facts.
I will always appreciate her straight forward approach to my questions.

Her clinical experience is also how she kept me in line.
Nothing is more terrifying than having my mom talk about her day at dinner and hearing, 'Erin I had a girl your age come in today who just gave birth to her 2nd child. Her 15th birthday is next week.'

I am not quite sure if it was her intention... But it sure as heck worked.
I was graciousally given a healthy fear of authority and a tendency to do what was expected as a child in a Christian household.

When I was a teenager I would sake off any mention that I was like my mother. She was educated, sure. But I saw her viewpoint of living for her children as living through them. In a selfish way I thought she I was the main focus of that.

Did I mention that I was a brat when I was younger?
A big selfish, spoiled brat with a bratty attitude who thought she knew everything?

I can see thing so much clearer now that I've stepped back and grown out of that obnoxious phase of my life.

I love my mom. 
She may not be perfect... But who is?

Honest and loyal - almost to a fault.
Quick to help those who need her support or her knowledge.
Completely technologically challenged (or so she tries to pretend to be)
Lover of books, Celtic music, Jesus and her family (no matter how distant the connection).
Quick to make a decision or judgement, but also quick to admit she was wrong and show love.
Completely confident in her knowledge and work.
Loves quickly, fiercely and completely.
Hates conflict.
Logical but emotional.

I use to be annoyed by the idea of being the most like her, out of all my siblings.
Now, I don't mind the comparison in the least.
She is a truly amazing woman.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I hope your mom reads your blog. This is such a wonderful tribute to her.