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January 2, 2012

Impressive List of VIP's Who Served

This is a list that I've been compiling of VIP's who have or are currently serving in our country's military. The list is not including the vast number of politicians who have served. (I have to limit myself here) 
I hope you learn a little something.

This list is by no means complete... But it's surprising!
(* = earned cool awards)

U.S. Navy
Gene Kelly - Lieutenant Junior GradeNaval Air Service
Humphrey Bogart - Sailor
Morgan Freeman - Mechanic
Paul Newman - Radioman/Gunner
Bill Cosby - Hospital Corpsman
Henry Fonda: Quartermaster*
MC Hammer - Petty Officer Third Class Aviation Store Keeper
David Robinson (basketabll)- Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Eddie Albert - Lieutenant, Naval Reserve*
Kirk Douglas: Lieutenant
Tony Curtis
Rock Hudson - Aircraft Mechanic
Ernest Borgnine - Gunner's Mate 1st Class*

U.S. Army
Clark Gable - Major, Army Air Corps
Mel Brooks - Combat Engineer
Clint Eastwood - Swim Instructor
Elvis - Private
James Earl Jones - First Lieutenant
Ronald Reagan - Captain
Jimmy Stewart - Major General
Mickey Rooney - Private First Class*
Alan Alda - Gunner, U.S. Army Reserve
Tony Bennett - Private
Dennis Franz - 82nd Airborne
Charles Durning - Private First Class
J.R. Martinez - 11B Airborne
Oliver Stone - Infantry*
Audie Murphy - Major* (most decorated soldier from WWII)
Rod Sterling - Private*
Pat Tillman - Ranger*
Dave Thomas - Staff Sergeant
William Sanderson
Robert Duvall - Private First Class
Don Knotts
Robert Loggia
Tom Selleck - National Guard
Laurdence Tureaud (Mr. T) - Military Police Corps
Gene Wilder - Medical Corps
Jimi Hendrix - Airborne
Malcolm Forbes - Staff Sergeant*
Lenoard Nimoy - Sergeant
Andy Rooney - *

U.S. Air Force
Chuck Norris - Air Police
Russell Johnson - 1st Lieutenant*
Sunny Anderson - Sr. Airman
Johnny Cash - Staff Sergeant
George Carlin
Roald Dahl - Wing Commander

U.S. Marine Corps
Gene Hackman - Corporal
Drew Carey
Harvey Kietel 
Montel Williams - Lieutenant*
Dale Dye - Captian*
Lee Marvin - Private First Class, Scout Sniper*
Ted Williams (baseball)- Fighter-bomber
Rob Riggle - Lt. Colonel
'Shaggy' aka Orville Richard Burrell 
 Ed McMahon - Colonel* 
George C. Scott - Guard/Instructor
Steve McQueen - Private First Class
R. Lee Emrey - Gunnery Sergeant
Bea Arthur - Women's Reserve
John Glenn - Colonel*
Johnny Pesky (baseball)

Julia Child - Office of Strategic Services

Actors who served for other countries:
Audrey Hepburn - Child Courier for the Resistance Fighters in Holland (WWII)
Sean Connery - Royal Navy
James Blunt - 2nd Lieutenant, British Army
James Doohan - Canadian Armed Forces

Honorable Mentions:
Bruce Willis - tried enlisting after 9/11 but was turned down due to his age.
John Wayne - USO (volunteered for the Army 3 times and was denied due to health/injuries)

Anyone have anything to add? 
I find this list amazing and heart warming.
Why don't more actors take a stand?

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