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January 25, 2012

I'm In A Book Club!

If you know me at all, or have been reading for a while, you know that I am a book drain.
I can, literally, read a 300-400 page book in about 4.5 hours.
Both of my parents are the same way. 
My dad is somewhat of a speed reader. 
My mom can read for hours at a time.
I'm their child... I like to do both.

To give you an idea of what i'm talking about...
I read the the first three Twilight books (the last one wasn't out yet) in under 3 days.
3 days in which I had to work 6+ hours and go to 3-4 college classes.

It's a gift.


Back in November, SIL approached me with the idea of starting a book club for a few of the women we knew in town. 
I about freaked out.
1. Why had I not thought of this sooner?
2. Why had I not thought of this sooner?! 

So the word went out on facebook and within 3 days we had 10 people excited and ready to go and quite a few more that were interested in joining at some point.
That was enough excitement for SIL and I to start things off by asking for book recommendations in our new schnazzy facebook group.

Our first book was Hunger Games.
As you can imagine, club went crazy with this book and many people couldn't stop and read the entire series.
It was awesome because it was an easy book to get into and involved in.
It was interesting because it was a completely random group of people who showed up to Panara Bread that Saturday morning. Many of us didn't know everyone and had never been a part of a book club... No one really knew what to expect.
SIL saved the day and came prepared with discussion questions.
It was an awesome first meeting!

For December we went with a Christmas themed book and chose The Autobiography of Santa Clause.
It was a different type of book and while we had more people show up to the meeting (I'm gonna give credit to the Christmas cookie swap) not everyone got through the book.... And there were no real discussion questions handy.
Instead we just enjoyed each other's company and swapped cookies!

We're continuing to grow and figure things out as a new book club.
It's exciting.
I wanted to share.

Are any of you part of a book club?
Any tips or suggestions for us newbies?
Book recommendations?
Meeting ideas?

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

You aren't kidding girl! You are an amazingly fast reader! I am in a book club right now too; also my first one :-)