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January 18, 2012

Golden Globes 2012

Um, Not Quite
Not quite getting this one...
The top is really great... 
But the bottom is not quite there.

Poor Natalie. 
These proportions are way off.

 This dress makes me want to cry. 
I love you Zooey!

 Close, But No Cigar
I can't make up my mind with this dress... 
Maybe I do like it.

So close to being awesome.

This is Jake's celeb crush... 
This dress looks like sheets held on her with a belt.

Love her... She looks great! 
But if the dress was shortened it would be an outfit I'd wear to work.

I love everything except the velvet. 

 This looks like a dress from last season... 

Love it... 
But I feel like I've seen it before.

 Interesting... But not great.

I like the interesting neckline... 
But then again, I don't.

 I love this dress... Except the bow thing.

Yes, Yes, Y.E.S.
For some reason I LOVE this raven dress. 
It's daring and a little magical!

This is so futuristic and flattering! I love how it looks.

Yay pastilles! Such a romantic look.

I'm not a fan of the peek-a-boo see-throughness... But the glamour and drama

This look is really great and new.

This dress gives the impression of referencing antiquity art and architecture. 
The history lover in me just loves it!

Crazy color with a classic and flattering shape. 
And she looks good.

This dress is AMAZING!
Just perfect!

1 comment:

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Sofia did look spectacular! But I just loved Jessica Alba. All of the dresses looked so classic, didn't they?