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January 9, 2012

Dukin' It Out

My closet and I are having a fight right now.
You see, in our old apartment Jake and I had 2 closets in our master bedroom. 
It has been devastating to go from a full closet to sharing one.
And I'm not even really sharing it, because Jake is gone and I shoved all of his polos and tee shirts in under bed bins to deal with after he got home from the deployment.
And all of his shows (he has the most shoes EVER) are in a big, I mean BIG, bin in the garage.
Did I mention that my wedding dress and 6 bridesmaids dresses are in the basement in one of those cloth wardrobes that you get from Target for $25?

So I'm only sharing the closet with his dress clothes.
And tie collection.

And I can't help but complain about that.
I was spoiled in our first apartment.

Now onto the real issue.
Twice since we have moved in to the new place the tall shelf has fallen, pulling out the drywall anchors and spilling my dresses and Jake's section of clothing onto the floor.
The first time I thought it was because everything was too heavy, which is when I bought the wardrobe and sent my wedding dress to the laundry room.
The first weekend of January the shelf fell a second time. 
I called my dad and we checked it out.
Jake didn't anchor the thing to a stud.
Not a big issue, so we fixed it...
And I sent Jake's 4 suits and full multiple dress pant hanger to the basement to keep my wedding dress company.

Now, afraid that the thing is going to come crashing to the ground yet again, I'm trying to find a different way to organize my closet.

I'm thinking of moving my shoes someplace else and investing in canvas storage bins.
I would love to know how any of you reorganized your closet, without buying a new closet system, cheaply.

You don't even want to hear about my dresser woes.

Love you all!

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