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January 21, 2012

D's day of Details

Damon is perfect.
He's so cute and has been on his best behavior.
WJ is doing really well and is happy to not be pregnant any more.

Damon entered life quite dramatically on the 19th.

A little back story:
 JJ was 10 days late.
WJ got her epidural very early with JJ and by the time she hit transition the drugs were long gone.
She was very young and pretty much alone in life.
When I asked her about the difference between this pregnancy and her last she told me that she was very uneducated about birth and thinks that having Big Sis asking her questions she didn't really have answers to, as well as seeing Big Sis jump so enthusiastically into research made her start to do the same.
She also praised the fact that the support, love and excitement that she has received throughout the process has been overwhelming and a God send.
It makes my heart hurt for the scared girl from 6 years ago.


WJ started having real contractions on the 17th. at that point she was 6 full days over due and more than ready for little D to be here. WJ and Big Bro dropped JJ off on the 18th so he could camp out in sleeping bags with Dad on the living room floor for his first ever sleep over since moving out of the "Home Base" almost 3 years ago. Evidently, JJ was a little over excited and didn't get to sleep until past 1am.

WJ and Big Bro checked in and hoped for things to progress quickly. She said that she was dealing with her contraction like a pro up until mid way through transition the next morning. That's when thing got rough for her. Her body wanted to push before she was fully dilated and things had to be stalled for a little. Once it was time for her to push, her contractions were so long that she would get 4 good pushes in... But the time in between contractions was so long that it would set her back.
D's cord being around his neck didn't help.

Then Damon's heart rate dropped.

They called for a C Section, had WJ in the OR and D outta there in just about 8 minutes.

Gotta love people who know how to do their job.
Praise the Lord.

So the kid who gets to carry on the family name is here, happy and healthy hanging out with mom and dad. And he gets to see his new big brother as often as Grandpa can get him there.

Another one of God's miracles has come into my life, filling me with a crazy amount of love and happiness.

As if I didn't need another adorable dose of baby envy in my life.

I'll take it with arms wide open and kisses galore!

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