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January 12, 2012

Being an Army Wife

In all honesty, it isn't all that bad.
Now, granted, Jake is in the Army National Guard.

The things that I don't mind:
  • Traveling. I love traveling.
  • The friends. Jake always ends up with lots of friends from Army things. I like hearing about all the things they say or do at drill or throughout the deployment.

Things that annoy:
  • The system. You always have to go through things a very specific way... If you don't, you either get in trouble or your paperwork get thrown away or 'lost'.
  • The endless Army gear that can't ever be put away... Cause the second you get it stored, he needs it again.
  • The acronyms.
  • Medical insurance... You never know which plan your on. there are different plans for everything. Going from non-active to active duty was confusing... I can only hope that I actually have insurance when I need it.

Things I hate:
  • Deployment
  • When the Army screws up Jake's schooling. He should have graduated by now, but with basic, AIT, AT, and the deployment Jake still has 2 quarters to go... The National Guard always encourages their soldiers to do schooling, but never gives the soldiers the atmosphere to do school successfully. Jake was given the go-ahead to sign up for winter classes online, only to be moved to a base that has terrible internet connection. 
  • The unit  expects Jake to perform tasks and be in charge of things above his rank/pay grade with out promotion or raise.

Things I'm bad at:
  • Socializing with other Army families. I'm trying to be better with this. It's hard to make friends from the other families because of everyone being spread all over the state. Since the unit only meets one weekend a month and there haven't been any real family events until the deployment... It's a little awkward. Plus Jake's family is very supportive, so at all the events is it a family thing. I'm never at an event by myself.

Things I'm good at:

  • Being calm and not getting upset over anything that happens due to the Army or Deployment. I'm a pretty cool cucumber. I have my emotional moments right off the bat when things go down. But I 'get over it' pretty quickly and I never show that side of me to Jake. He gets upset enough at situations and I don't need to make it worse. Plus, I always remember that Jake signed up for this and that we made the commitment together to give the Army 6 years of our lives. 
  • Being independent. My lifestyle hardly changed when Jake left. I am still able to function just as well as when Jake was here. The only thing that is hard is making big money decisions with out him.... Because I'll have direct blame if something goes wrong or I choose badly.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Girl I applaud you; I can see how how some of this must be so challenging but you do it all so well!