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January 4, 2012

35 in 365 for 2012

Because I was beginning to have too many resolution for this new year I have decided to join Big Sis and make a list of 35 goals for the next 365 days.
The list is supposed to be about self improvement - Not a to-do or chore list.

I wanted to give you my list and plans for each goal... Since this will hold me more accountable.

Spend more time with family, splitting between Jake family and mine more equally.
  • Whenever things come up we just have a habit of doing what Jake's family is doing rather than what mine is. This is due to Jake's family actually planning ahead of time. My goal is to plan the time with my family better so that it happens more often and they are given equal amounts of time.
Work out at least once a week.
  • I like working out... There is no reason why I can't make it to our free club house to run on the treadmill or use the elliptical once a week.
Go to church every week.
  • I have a habit of making excuses about once a month to not go.
Read my bible once a day.
  • This is more about time to focus on the word and become better acquainted with it.
Pay off my credit card.
  • I will make payments every paycheck and only use it in an emergency. Once the balance is paid off the card will be used once a month in order to not be fined and to keep my credit score up.
Pay down my student loan by 50%.
  • I will make above minimum payments once a paycheck.
I will uplift my husband in private and public.
  • I will make sure that I am aware of what I say about Jake at all times, no matter who I am talking to. Family or not.
Journal at least twice a week.
  • I have abandoned journaling for myself. I will carry my journal in my purse more often in case I find myself bored.
Blog at least twice a week.

To stop gossiping about people close to me.
  • I will an example to others around me and refuse to talk badly about someone behind their back. If I don't have anything nice, or constructive to say, I can't say anything. 
Be more strict about my cash system.
  • I am really seeing a difference in my money habits. Now I just have to be more strict with myself.
Know which Presidential candidate I'm going to be voting for and why.
  • Elections are this year. I will be an informative voter. I will listen to political opinions made by family members and look into topics in my spare time. I will try to read unbiased opinion news and make my own decision. This means that I need to look into each individual political topic and choose my opinion.
Learn how to use the external hard drive and back up everything important.
  • We have an external hard drive, but Jake is who set it up. I will tinker around with it and learn how to back up pictures and other important things.
Pack my lunch everyday.
  • I will plan ahead and have things on hand for lunch. If I do not store lunch food at work, I will make my lunch and bring it in my nifty lunch bag.
No more pop.
  • When tempted I will drink/order water.
Cook dinner once a week.
  • I will plan ahead and purchase meal ingredients before hand.
Do a rinse for my hair twice a month.
  • Apple cider vinegar rinse to strip all the nastiness and buildup from my hair.
Do a  mask for my hair twice a month.
  • Look up recipes for organic/natural masks and have ingredients on hand.
Get my hair trimmed once a month.

Get an DSLR camera.
  • I will research cameras, save at least $50 a paycheck.
Learn how to use DSLR camera and Photoshop.
  • I will get Photoshop and a DSLR camera and learn how to use it.
Drink at least one bottle of water a day while at work.
  • I will resort to drinking some water before snacking. I will also drink water with lunch.
Only check Facebook 4 times a day.
  • When I get into work, once at lunch, once at home and One time as a free pass for whenever.
Complete 1 DIY a month from Pinterest.
  • I have instructions on my boards. I just have to plan ahead and purchase the supplies. I will plan my task at the beginning of the month and document it in pictures and post it on my blog once it's completed.
Take my multi-vitamin every day.

Play more board games.

Get 6-8 hours of sleep every night.
  •  I will go to bed earlier on week nights. I will not waste time in front of the TV for no reason.
Buy and eat more fresh/organic food.

Leave early in order to be early.

Improve my posture.

Use floss and mouthwash every day.
Watch less crap on TV.
  • The only reality shows I will watch includes; SYTYCD, The Voice, Project Runway. Everything else will be scripted (Once Upon a time, Glee, PanAm, New Girl) and documentaries.
Take the stairs.

Stretch before bed.

Take of mascara before washing my face

Now I just have to make sure that this is all possible. 
I will be making reminders on my calendar and making more precise grocery lists. 

Yay for a better me in 2012!

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