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December 31, 2012

A Very Musical January

Musicals I immediately veto:
Nine - it was horrible. No way I'm repeating that disaster... (Even if I did buy it before watching it)

On the list:
Into the woods
Funny girl
How to succeed in business without even trying
Singing in the Rain
Easter Parade
Little Shop of Horrors
Mama Mia
Music Man (1962)
Music Man (2003)
The Gay Divorce
Guys and Dolls
King and I
Les Miserables
Sunday in the Park with George
Footloose (1984)
Footloose (2011)
Phantom of the Opera
The Wiz
The Wizard of Oz
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
The Pirates of Penzance
Dr. Horrible's Sing along blog
Jesus Christ Superstar
It's Judy
First A Girl
Melody Parade

December 26, 2012


This year was a blessed year, having Jake back with me. (I'm going to be selfish and just say 'me' here.) I never felt alone,  like an outcast, or charity case. It was awesome. I will never take holidays with Jake for granted again.
I'll never take any day with my husband for granted again.
It was a great holiday.

Christmas eve consisted of me finishing wrapping presents while Jake did a last minute present run. School has been so crazy for him, on top of working 2nd and 3rd shift, that he wasn't able to get everything he wanted to for people, including me. He came home a little frustrated, but quickly bought the last item he was searching for on Amazon and it should be here in a few days... I still have no idea what it is.

We went to our church's early Christmas Eve service and enjoyed the time worshiping together with Jake's side of the family.

From there we went to MIL's house to have our family Christmas.
It was fun watching the little boys tear into their presents. I think all of the big kids were done with their presents and we just watched them. They were so funny, playing with what the other opened, when they had one of their own. 

After we were all done with tree gifts, we had our first White Elephant exchange.
It was awesome.
There wasn't as much stealing as we all expected, but I think it's because no-one had done it before. Jake was one of the first to open and he got a wine ariator and a sock monkey wine cover. He doesn't really drink wine, so he wasn't too thrilled about his gift. (I love the sock monkey!... and I'm a wine drinker, So I don't mind it.)

I ended up with a 'White Trash Picnic Set'. The picture explains it all!

I love it!

Christmas Day, Jake and I decided against choosing between the boy's Christmas Mornings and decided to sleep in. Well, Asher and I were up... Jake just kept telling me '5 more minutes'. (He doesn't adjust quickly to a 'normal' day, after working 2nds and 3rds.)

We got up and got to my parent's house around noon for presents with my side of the family. 
(Growing up, my mom worked Christmas morning at the hospital and we always postponed presents until later in the day... So it was nothing new for anyone... Plus it gives people time to do their own private Christmases)
The mayhem started and paper flew everywhere. My side of the family did a Secret Santa exchange and we all spoiled, and were spoiled by our SS. It was fun. Paisley pooped out when she still had about 15 gifts left to open... She got to Tinkerbell dolls and called it a day, taking off shoes and putting them back on... Not interested in a single other thing.
She went down for a nap not long after.

We then ate dinner, played, napped and ate 2nds.
Pictures from that Christmas were all taken on my sister's SLR. 
Sorry :(

Jake and I took a breather from all the craziness and went to visit his grandma, who broke her back about a week ago.
Then we went back to my parents house to watch Pitch Perfect with SIS and B-Rad. Everyone else was too tired to stay up.

Then Jake and I went home and crashed. 
It was pretty great.

Again I can't explain what a joy ti is to have my husband back home. Every holiday we come to, I have the same reaction. Last year was such a crap-shoot for me. Every big holiday, I spent knowing that Twin, while not there for 'the holiday season', was on his way home after not even 4 over seas... And Jake missing everything and everyone for the whole year.
It made the holidays especially hard.

But that is all over now.
Now, we only have a few months until we are done with the National Guard for good... 
And we don't mind... Not one bit.

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I'm so grateful that Jesus came to save such a sinner as me.
Taking this post to express the TRUE meaning of this special day.

Time to put baby Jesus in my nativity scene.

December 21, 2012

Sayonara, Cable!

Jake and I finally did it!
We cancelled our cable.

We have been researching and debating the pros and cons of canceling for about a month now. Our dependency on cable for a cure for boredom was a bit extreme. Jake would watch TV, rather than study. I would veg out instead of cleaning, crafting, reading, playing with the dog, hanging out with cool people, singing... You get my point. 

There are a million thing I could be doing that would be far more efficient and healthy than watching re-runs of American Pickers, Storage Wars, and Tattoo Masters.

So, Now Jake and I are sans cable box.
We are going to first supplementing TV entertainment with Netflix and soon-to-have HD antenna.
If that isn't quite enough, We will be getting Hulu. 
Jake will get his sport fix through his Xbox Live account and hanging out with friends, or at bars, on game days. This is acceptable because I can bow out when I want...
If that's still not enough, we are looking into Roku or the Apple TV.

I'm excited! So far, I've found my self missing it and cleaning to fill that void.
A+ for me!
I can't help that I'm proud of that. I'm determined to have our basement spotless by New Years, and not having cable will help me achieve that goal.

So, how many of you are in the ranks of the cable-less?

Comfey Christmas

December 20, 2012


It's always a hard thing, making a resolution list. It's always a good thing to have goals, it's just so hard choosing realistic, attainable things to put on a list.
Then, complete them all.

But I'm going to try.

2013 Resolutions:

Personal Growth/Health:
Grow spiritually by purposefully following a daily/weekly scripture plan.
Complete at least 7 sewing projects.
Take my vitamin every day.
Be in bed by 10pm on week nights.
Cook at least two meals a week.
Make a weekly meal plan.
Cancel cable.

Use body lotion daily.
No more flat iron.
No hair dryer, except for the defuser for special occasions.
Try to match jewelry to every work outfit.
Work out once a week.
Focus on posture.
Use eye makeup remover.
Use eye cream.

Complete 2 loads of laundry every week.
Vacuum one room every other day.

Plan one big date night a month.
Walk Asher every day after work and before bed.

Pack my lunch for work every day, except "buy-day-Friday"
Envelope system budget.
Shop for groceries weekly.
More perishables, less preservatives.

December 19, 2012

Trays 9 and 10

My trays are getting exhausting. I'm so tired of the brushing, flossing and no snacking.
Or even worse the snack then brush my freaking teeth. I can't wait until this is all done.

The random gap-toothed look I'm sporting isn't awesome either.

Here is a picture from the end of tray set 9. I know it's not crazy or noticeable . But my tongue gets caught in places it never has before and it's sore.

Tray 9:
Uneventful. I now have a stupid gap on the left side of my front teeth.

Tray 10:
Can you tell I'm starting to get fed up with my trays.
I'm a lisping, stuttering maniac.

Thanks a lot trays.

December 18, 2012

Anniversary Cruise

Jake and I went on a cruise the week of our anniversary!
I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

We had an awesome time.
We decided to go with SIL and Math, (their anniversary is mid December) because cruising is better with company. We left for FL bright and early that Saturday. Like, 4:30am early. After a quick layover in Atlanta we were in Florida in time to catch the 12pm OSU vs. MI kickoff.

It's pretty funny, because Math is the only MI fan out of the 4 of us... And people gave him and SIL awesomely weird looks while they walked through the airports hand in hand.

After parking at a local bar for the game (OSU won, of course) we went back to the hotel to nap and get ready for our night out on the town. We decided to start the trip off right we would go to a Brazillian steakhouse.

It was amazing.

Jake and I went to a steakhouse when I visited him in Seattle, before he left for deployment, and fell in love with the ridiculously expensive dinner. There is nothing better than having 16+ types of meat brought to your plate.

The next morning we shuttled to the port and boarded our ship.
{Ft. Lauderdale's port.}
{Sailing into the sunset}
{Jake, sitting on our balcony.}
The following week, on-board, consisted of comedy shows, yummy dinners, buffets galore,  chocolate melting cake, and piano bar madness.

{Our group and the Piano Man.}

{Piano Man's reminders... And 2 drawings we made for him on the back of our song request cards...}
{Our first day at sea was a little overcast...}
{Towel pet! I tired keeping them all, but housekeeping kept taking them away...}
{In the theatre playing 80's music trivia}

{Tipsey-loving on the towel elephant}
{SIL and I doing a martini tasting}
{Jake, waiting on me to be ready for dinner.}
{Trying to finish a whole bottle of wine by myself... I was 3oz short.}
One of my favorite things was our stop in Key West.
Recently SIL and our book club read The Paris Wife, focusing on Ernest Hemingway's first wife. Key West is where his most famous house is. So we stopped by and took the tour. I loved it!!! There were polydactyle cats everywhere.

{This is Audrey Hepburn}

{The 6-toed cat resturant.}

For the excursians we decided that we liked what SIL and Math had chosen... So we tagged along for Stingray bay at Grand Cayman then zip lining and waterfall climbing when we were in Ochos Rio, Jamaica.
It was SO much fun!!!
{Ocho Rio, Jamaica}
{Grand Cayman Islands}
{Jake and our boat}
The pictures that I have are from my phone... Jake and I took our camera, but forgot the charging cord for it. Genius, I know. So there area  ton more pictures on SIL and Math's camera.

But anyway, that is how Jake and I (and SIL and Math) spent our anniversary.
It was awesome.

December 17, 2012

A Tragic Event

Too often over the recent years, our nation has been faced with the deplorable actions of disturbed individuals.

My heart and prayers are going out to the families, friends, peers and first-responders of the Sandy Hoke Elementary School in Newton, CT.

I'd be lying if I told you that my Friday was productive. 
I spent much of the afternoon glued to various news websites and live feeds. I cried as traumatized children were interviewed. I came to respect my president more as he emotionally addressed the situation. 

There is nothing that can be said about the individual who brought destruction to the lives of so many... Shaking the foundation and faith of parents throughout the United States. 

My heart hurts for those sweet children.
My nephew is in that age group... And I my heart breaks.
The only thing that helps ease the pain for me is knowing that those dear, dear children are in Jesus' arms. Free of pain, fear and the evil in this world.

I know that, as a response, many will call for this political statement, or those amendment rights... I prefer to send my thoughts and prayers out to the parents who will be grieving for their children. The parents, teachers and loved ones who will have to explain this event, and try to help little ones grasp the situation. The ones who will have to warn innocent babes of the unknown, unthinkable and unpredictable evil of this world.

I'm praying for Newton... But I'm also praying for everyone who is going to have a harder time sleeping tonight... Everyone had a harder time sending their loved ones to school this morning.

December 13, 2012

Brilliant Idea

So I know that it's only halfway through December, and people are busy thinking about the holidays. But, next month I will be turning 26.

I know that many people, most even, would say that this is no big deal.
For me, it is.

Turning 26 means a lot of different things to me.
It's that one year after I expected all of the beginning of my life plans to be started.
I'm missing 1-2 of those life goals.

So in order to distract myself and wallow in an obsession of mine I am proposing a musical fiesta of epic proportions.

Yeah, you heard me. 

For the whole month of January I will be watching one movie musical a night.
I will post the weekly schedule every Monday.
If you so wish, on any such day, you may join me.
Watch one, or watch them all... Just shoot me a comment and let me know what you thought of which ever movie you watched.

You have no idea how much I'm geeking out about this. 

I plan on using Netflix for this, mostly... But I'll be using my own personal collection as well.

Whose game?

December 5, 2012

Invisalign: Trays 7 and 8

So in order to be able to put on tray 7, I had to get my bottom middle two teeth shaved down. It was the most bizarre experience. I sat in the chair and my orthodontist used tiny pieces of metal, similar to sandpaper, to file down the very middle teeth.I am now sporting a sizable gap in my bottom teeth. 
Don't get me wrong, I understand that the gap is to let my teeth have the room to move. I'm a little over crowded... I'm just traumatized, I guess.
Here is a picture.

I know that it isn't noticeable or even that big of a deal to other people... But to me, it's a big change. It's kinda scary. 
My mouth is changing. I didn't really expect it to change. OK, I expected it to change... I just didn't expect it to feel different. Now my tongue has to learn a whole new layout. 
Yeah I know.
Imagine how your teeth feel right after you get out of a cleaning... But instead of the familiar, you get the semi-familiar.
Shhh, it makes sense.

Tray 7:
I'm not using my chewie enough after the first day, so my trays end up not sitting as tight to my teeth as they could. Everyone thinks my chewie is disgusting, so it's hard to use in public. Hey, just because it makes squeaky noises, doesn't mean it's gross..... (Big Sis!)

The new gap is really freaking weird. I know that it'll go away as my teeth straighten out and get into position... It's just weird. And it's cold. I never knew that you could really feel cold air on your teeth. Crest Sensitive everything here I come.
I put the new trays on at work, after my apt. I had to. My old tray was loose and I want to wear these things as much as possible so that they can be over and done with.
My orthodontist told me that I only needed to wear my trays for a week and a half! 

Did you hear that?! 
I get to change them earlier!

Lets calculate things now.
37 trays total.
6 trays done.
31 trays left.
Each tray is worn for 1.5 weeks
I'll be done with my trays by July 15th, 2013

That's right. My old date was January 1st of 2014.
I'm beyond excited about this. 

Tray 8:

November 28, 2012

Board Games Growing Up

Growing up, my 2 best friends and I were board game players. You name it, one of us probably had it. It was awesome. Here are a few that we adored playing all the time.

Party Mania
{pic via}

Mall Madness
{pic via}

Dream Phone
{pic via}
{pic via}

13 Dead End Drive
{pic via}

Perfect Wedding
{pic via}

Pretty Pretty Princess
{pic via}

Ask Zandar
{pic via}

{pic via}

Not to mention playing Atari, nintendo, super nintendo, sega and nintendo 64.
We loved mario games.

November 27, 2012

3 years!

Happy 3 years!

Our time together hasn't been 'typical', by any means. But it has been awesome. I would never trade ANY part of our married life. Not even the year long deployment.

I can't wait to spend this anniversary together. I plan on making it one that will make up for us being apart for the last one. I hope that we will never be forced to spend our anniversary apart ever again.