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December 14, 2011


A few nights ago I was heading home from my MIL's house and my phone didn't want to connect to call Big Sis. I hit the end button and waited for my phone to turn off. Once it did I held the power button to turn it back on so I could ask some crazy important question that I, by that time, had forgotten.

My phone stayed on the boot up screen for the next hour.

As I pulled up to the house, I grumbled while secretly trying to calculate how long until my phone upgrade.
I got out of the car, messed with my keys while holding the power button on my phone, and walked up to open the screen door.
It didn't open.
It was locked.
I didn't even know that it had a lock.
I jiggled the handle and started at it like my awesome mind powers would persuade it to tumble open like a magical thing.

There was no key for the door...
 There wasn't even a lock for which a key would work to open the dang thing.

I looked at my broken, useless, stupid phone and realized that I had been sucked back in time.
Back to a time where if you were locked out of your freaking house, you had to resort to force... Or you walked to a neighbor's house.
As I explained previously, I don't know my neighbors, and any key that I would have given them would be useless because it was the unlockable screen door that was keeping me out in the cold.

Needless to say, I peeked into my garage and saw that KG's car was there. 
She was home.
Salvation was close.
Now to just get her attention.
I knocked on the door.
I pounded on the door.
I was rough with the stupid screen door, vowing that it was coming off once I got inside.
I had the tools to do it.

I needed a freaking phone!

I had an iPad.

And even though I was outside and the signal was insanely weak, I had Wifi!
I had an iPad and Wifi!

I have Skype.
Skype is like a phone.
KG has Skype.

So I stood there, on my own porch, and Skyped my roommate, who was inside, from my own wifi.

She picked up, Praise the Lord, and let me inside.
She had locked the screen door when she was baking and the fire alarm went off, and having had the door open, she was scared of creepers.

After I was inside and I could feel my fingers again I fought with my phone for a good half hour trying to get the battery case open and resetting my phone.
Of course this was only after I texted my dad from via email and asked him when his Verizon contract was up so I could start a countdown until my new phone.

My birthday. 
I'm getting an upgrade for my birthday, which is in 1 month.

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Now I just have to decide between a Droid (Razrot Thunderbolt) or an iPhone.

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