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December 28, 2011

Shuffling Soldiers

Does that bring to mind a picturesque dance number of uniformed hunks with a leading man singing a rowdy drinking song?
Just me?
(Damn musical focused mind.)

This holiday season has been one of complete insanity. 
It started off with thanksgiving-
The night before, Jake tells me that he is moving from his fairly comfortable base at Camp Phoenix to the base where his brother was... Only his brother would be coming home. It was a big bummer for me and hard to work through emotionally in order to truly come to peace with the circumstances of all this stupidity called the Army.

 The end of November, up until about Monday last week brought more complaining and worries. Everyone was beginning to shift from base to base. 
Twin had left and was stuck in an airport stateside, unable to get home for Christmas due to having to go through demob. 
RG was given R&R for Christmas and had started traveling... Having to hear about his lack of communication during travel was a little frustrating. (There is only so much a soldier can do about contact when all that is going on)
Jake all of a sudden dropped off the face of the earth for a whole week as he traveled from one base to another (and another).

I'm happy to say that Twin in going to be home before the New Year.
RG is home and taking up valuable bathroom counter space. 
And Jake made it safely to his new base.

Now the countdown for Jake's R&R (and my birthday!!!!) can begin. 
That's right my loves! Jake is coming how for R&R for my 25th birthday!!!!
I'm beyond excited!

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Nikki said...

That is awesome that he'll be home for your b-day. What a great present.