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December 13, 2011


So my experience with neighbors has been limited. One girl played the OSU night games on the side of her condo... 
I was stupid and didn't go out and socialize because of Jake having just left when the season started... 
I didn't watch a single game this season.
She does have a cute pug that Asher tries to sniff out every time we pass their porch.

My other neighbor has only seen me in the worst shape.
This was due to me parking in his assigned spot that he NEVER uses because I couldn't leave the house to park it on the street due to having food poisoning.
Yeah. I opened the door and immediately regretted it... 
I think he did too.

My childhood consisted of one other family who we shared holidays with in the neighborhood.
To this day, we randomly hear their children, grown up and independent, coming into the house to grab a DVD  or Wii game to borrow.
Or they just barge in on our family dinner night to crash the party and have a beer.
Did I mention that all three of the kids were boys.
Their mother often comes over for 'girl time' with my mom.

I digress...

So anyway, does anyone give neighbor gifts for the holiday season?

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Christine said...

One year I gave paper bags filled with christmas cookies/goodies with a christmas card to each neighbor. I always do cards, even if I don't do cookies.