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December 29, 2011

Dressing like a Woman, Spending like a Junior.

Admit it. 
It's hard going from the junior's section at a store to the misses. 
It's a struggle I'm facing currently. I feel like my fashion choices put me in a limbo. I want the fun, flirty style found in the junior section... Not to mention the lower prices.
 However, I much prefer the coverage that the misses section carries.
Let's face it.
I don't care how hot your legs are, no self respecting woman wears mini skirts that barely cover their butt cheeks unless they're a stripper.... 
But then that takes away the whole self-respect aspect of this example.

Thank you Forever 21, for creating a line of clothing that gives the great prices you store offers, with the hemlines of a professional, stylish, adult.
With you store, Love 21, I can now shop for myself without the fear of purchasing anything that will give me LiLo or Britany infamy. 
I can feel like a fully clothed adult.
And a stylish one at that.
(now if only you would lower the hem lines of your regular apparel so I'm not afraid to raise a girl in this society...)

Another shout out goes to H&M.
Admittedly, it is a little hard to walk into a store with a new outlook on adult fashion and not be scared right back out again by the variety of styles to choose from. However, I adore seeing what is 'next' for the retail world. 
I may only buy one piece at a time. (one that I can be assured will fit in with my current wardrobe and be worn on a regular basis) But oh how I love that one thing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
By stocking lines from fashionable young women (Lauren Conrad) in your misses section, I have gained a whole new respect for the other designers that lay scattered among the racks. I now only glimpse over at the junior's section wishing for the class and style that can come from an amazing top by Vera Wang.
Thankfully my bank account doesn't love you as much or else I would be broke.

Anyone have a store shout out they'd like to share? One that has helped them ease from the junior's section, fashionably, with your (and wallet) head held high? 

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Ashley said...

They are building a Kohl's where I live and I am SOO excited! I can't wait! I will have to look into Forever 21's women's fashion line! That sounds awesome!