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November 10, 2011

Such is my life

Anyone who knows my history can tell you that I'm not that lucky with cars.
Actually they'll tell you I'm darn unlucky when it comes to cars.
This past week has been no different.

2 weeks ago, I was driving along and my oil pressure light came on. It had happened once before, before an expensive timing belt and water pump repair. I thought nothing of it and finished driving home. I knew my oil change was coming up and that would fix the issue.

Last week that dang light went off 3-4 more times. 2 of them being while I was driving Big Sis and Paisley home after work. Needless to say, having the little one in the car when the light went off caused a minor panic attack. I took the car to the shop the very next day, hoping that the repair would be under $500.

I was quoted $900. It had to do with my engine being full of oil sludge...
This did not include the 4-5 other repairs that Jake and I choose to set aside for the last repair.
I about crapped my pants.

I did not ok the repair and I picked up my sad Passat the next day. She has been sitting in my parking spot ever since.

Jake and I proceeded to have a long, heart to heart about our finances and how we should proceed with this situation.... After much debate we came to the conclusion that we're not coming to any conclusions.
Great, my husbands habit of decision paralysis has rubbed off.
Jake has given me the go-ahead to make whatever decision I have to... And I'm fond of not making a decision. It's a tough one to have to make when I know that it will impact us both in the long run.

I'm getting rid of my Passat. That's not up for debate.
What I'm doing about everything else is still up in the air.
Should I just suck it up and learn how to drive stick for the rest of the year?
Should I drive stick for a few months until I have enough money saved to buy a new car?
Should I save and buy a new car with a small finance plan?
Jake is not really in favor for getting a car loan, which I understand, but he trusts me to make the decision here...
It's hard.
I'm gonna pray about it for a few more days and hopefully have a plan of action by this weekend.

In the meantime, I had a stick driving lesson the other night...
It was interesting.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Oh my goodness Erin that is a lot going on and having to make that decision must be so tough. I'll be praying for you to make this decision and for your manual driving lessons :-)