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November 2, 2011


Halloween marked the first official holiday without Jake. It wasn't as bad or depressing as I thought it would have been.
Due to feeling pulled in so many directions by my handsome and beautiful niece and nephews, I decided to be fair I would spend Halloween at my own place.
I contemplated making Asher a costume, but in all honesty, I'm too tired to do that. I was just going to make him a racing number so he could be a racing hound... Clever, huh? Needless to say, it didn't happen.
Instead I closed the door and turned off all the lights and watched a musical.
Not even a scary one.
Thoroughly Modern Millie, with Julie Andrews.

I took Asher out on walks through out the evening and got to see a bunch of the costumes and houses.
Now that I know that my neighborhood is swarming with kids, that the adults are just as into dressing up as the kids, and that the neighborhood next to my condo is totally into Halloween, I wont be staying home next year.
One of the houses had a hot air balloon in their yard.
It was insane.

What about you. How did you celebrate Halloween?
Anyone else in the 'pretend your not home' club?


Grammy Goodwill said...

I heard from Asher that he didn't want to be a racing hound. He wanted you to dress up like Elvis and let him be your hound dog.

Nikki said...

I love Totally Modern Millie.

We went trick or treating, but without Harper we probably just would have stayed in and pretended we weren't home.