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November 22, 2011

Glee: Season 3

We all know I'm a huge Gleek.

So I just wanted to share my feeling about the season so far.

The season started out with the anger and resement of fellow Gleeks at the announcement that this season would be the last for Rachel, Finn and Curt. The exit of these three story line heavy leads will bring an interesting aspect to the season finale.

I digress.

The story lines so far for the seniors have been sub par.

Nothing really going on. She's trying to get into a NY college for performing arts...Lets not forget to add Rachel to the ever growing and morally challenged group of non-virgins. I was so dissapointed that the show added her, the one person who could have made abstinence cool, to the list of kids who take that final step, thinking they're more adults than the children. Teen sexuality has been such a highlight on the show, I held the hope that Rachel character would be the one upstanding character who the virgins could relate to. Nope. Now every Gleek will think that going to college a virgin will equal failure of the teen/high school experience. It's a good thing she is at least valuing her friends more this season.

I'm interested to see what choices she makes. You know the end of the season will be a 'him or the stage' decision.

Nope. Nothing going on for him either. Except that he didn't get recruited by OSU (I would imagine that he might no think that is so bad with the season we are having this year) and he is floundering. He doesn't know what to do with his life. Fortunately, Rachel offers him a chance to be special by giving him the oh so awesome status of popping her cherry. Big bummer that the show makes him the hormone blind boy that they did... His future is uncertain, but his doomed relationship with a girl who is planning on leaving him for NY offers him something that is supposed to be precious... 
Can you tell I'm just disgusted by the whole situation.

Finn's future seems to be clear as of right now. No football scholarship, in his character's mind, means no college. I think this is a very dramatic and childish way of thinking. Figures. I think watching Finn find a new passion would be interesting. And finding out if he gets the girl. I think a long distance relationship, or him going to NY with her would be cool... But unrealistic. Who knows, maybe they'll amp up the drama and have a wedding proposal at the end of the school year. Wouldn't that be funny?!

His senior year has been good, in comparison. He's running for class president. His relationship is going well... I was sad to see the writers take his story in the same direction as Rachel's. I understand why, but I don't have to agree.

The run for class president is a good way to go, but it is only going to last so long. Once we find out about that we'll finally be able to see where his future will lead. With all the bad that happened to him from last year, his ending is probably going to be a happy one. With a few little hardships thrown in.

I know that the focus will be on everyone else as the show tries to find the supporting roles to take the senior's spots. All of the excitement will be coming from the wings rather than the main players this season. That's why I chose to focus on the three who are for a fact leaving after this year.

I hope you don't mine me sharing my opinion. I know that many people have fallen off the wagon after the mediocre 2nd season. I'm going to hold on and see if the writers can continue to keep people interested after their key players leave.

As for the music.
Adele is amazing and totally kicking everyone's butt... 
However, it's getting close to looking like overload. I'm interested to hear more artists. Not a repeat of the Lady Gaga obsession from last season. 
Lets hear some more 80's and 90's songs... 
Or how about some indie bands! 
I want new, FRESH music...
Not a glee rendition of a whole musician's life work.

Unless it's the Beatles or Frank Sinatra.
Because they're always classy.

I hope tonight's show is the one that pushes the story's forward so that we can get a move on with this season.

And P.S: where are all the Glee competitors? Wasn't there a whole TV show for the next Glee star? We've seen a few of them, but whats going on here? Are things not going the way they thought?

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I agree this season has been a little less than exciting. In fact, we were triple booked on the DVR and Glee got the misfortunate ax. I figure we can catch up during the summer!