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October 30, 2011

In Home Training

Yes, you read this right. 
Asher and I had a trainer come to the house last night to do an evaluation of Asher's behavior and let us know the next steps in a training schedule. 
Now I want you to know that Asher isn't a 'bad' dog, he's just a puppy. A 9 month old puppy who has a nipping, jumping and potty training problem. 
All completely manageable.

So, on Monday I called Columbus K9 and scheduled a trainer to come out to the house after work and watch Asher's behavior. I'm looking forward to scheduling training sessions in my house because Asher is the most, lets call it rude, at home and when we visit other people's homes. Since everything starts at home and can be taken elsewhere, I figured in home training was the way to go for me. 

The evening was interesting to say the least.

First off, I had forgotten that I scheduled Asher's vet appointment for his heart-worm test for immediately after work.Since I don't have a rocket pack and I hate traffic I knew I couldn't change the vet appointment to any earlier. So I called the vet and rescheduled. KG was home, but I felt weird thinking I might not be there, the dog might nit be there, when this person showed up. 

Asher was horrible.
I mean B.A.D.
He decided that the trainer needed to pay 100% attention to him and that the treats in her pocket belonged to him. She was just there for an evaluation, but ended up doing some treat training for patients.
I was humiliated.

Trying to talk over Asher's temper tantrum was interesting.
I told her how he did exactly what he was doing any time I was preoccupied. Cooking, Cleaning, washing my face, anytime I did anything that didn't involve me talking to him he would steadily bark at me until I was done.

I told her about Asher's potty habits. Perfect in the evening, awful when he was in his kennel and at night.She suggested taking up his food and water at 8, if I was going to be in bed by 11. (Which rewarded me with a 2am  breakfast call from the hungry man) But other than that offered nothing.

I told her about his lack of socialization skills due to his leg being broken right when he was scheduled to go into classes the nest week. His over excitement in meeting new people and dogs... She didn't help in that respect at all.

She told me to take Asher on one hours long walk a day instead of 3 20 minute long potty walks each evening...

Then she told me that he needed 6 obedience classes for a total of $300.

I thanked her for her time.
While she gave me a lot of information, if I buckle down and really work with Asher, I can do exactly what they do in those expensive classes.
Did i mention that she offered a three day drop off training where it would be like doggy day care, only without the interaction and the hefty price tag of $400.
I am still floored.

Needless to say, Asher and I have started working on rewarding positive behavior more often, and his  food and water go up before bed. I'm going to go to the dog park once a week and hope that he learns from just getting out there... Playing the field.

I wanted full circle dog training if I was going to even contemplate spending that kind of money.


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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

wow those are some steep price tags!!