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October 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday

So I'm back. 
Hence the post.

Here is a little update:

I went to Seattle. It was amazing. I loved it. Jake didn't like it so much, but that is to be expected. We went to the fish market and to the space needle. I ate sea food. Jake ate sea food! IT was over all a pretty great trip. I would like to go again and do the historical tours and the museums, because that's not what kind of trip this was. With everything within walking distance from our hotel we saw RG & KG a few times. Once to go to this Brazillian steakhouse that was AMAZING. We met up with Twin, TOB and Gabe on the unit's last day off for lunch. We didn't spend much time with the other couples there, instead tried to focus on each other and enjoying our last bit of time together. 

(the computer generated picture from the Space Needle.)

(The Space Needle view at night)

(Me thinking about trying oysters. It didn't work.)

(Me trying calamari!)

(Crab cakes. They looked so good...)

(On the way home, hanging out with Gabe)

(TOB and Gabe sleeping on the plane)

I have minimal pictures because we took them all with Jake's new Olympus Tough camera that stayed with him. Once he gets settled I'll bug him to email them to me, or post them on Facebook so I can gank them.

Coming home from Seattle I got food poisoning. (I'm almost positive it was the crab cakes......) It was pretty mild, but crappy none the less. I ended up staying home from work for two days. That's a very rare occurrance for me, so you know I felt bad. It was a weird thing to be winded going up and down the stairs or having to be firm with Asher's constant leash pulling on our mini walks. 

I'm better now, no worries!

After all of that I went into couch mode.

KG and I have been fighting (not really) over who gets to sit in the overstuffed chair for the past month. Asher usually won while the two of us camped out on the floor to watch Pan Am, The New Girl, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, Up All Night, and Project Runway.

OK, so I usually got the chair for Project Runway.
The dog only begrudgingly joined me for that. 

Am I the only one that still watches that show?!

Couch mode consisted of me dragging Big Sis and KG to furniture stores in search of a perfect couch. 
After three trips out into the couch abyss, changing the color scheme of the living room once, I finally decided.

It's a rough picture. I'll get a better one soon, I promise.

Let the decorating begin.
I'll be posting updated pictures as the living room gets closer and closer to finished.
I'm excited!

Jake is over seas now. I'm not quite sure where, but somewhere. 
He left the states on Sunday.
I'm sad.

It's going to be a long year, even though this month seems to be flying by.

You'll be happy to know that I am currently preparing posts for this old blog of mine. 
You should be.
I've missed you all.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Yay Erin! So glad you had sych a great trip with your hubby and that you're feeling better after your run-in with food poisoning. The new couch really looks great! Praying for you all over this next year!