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October 31, 2011

Deployment Photo Shoot

Before Jake left one of the women in his unit, who is trying to build her photography business, contacted us asking if she could do a photo shoot with us before Jake left.
If you have been reading for a while, you know about my not-so-secret adoration of Kama, our wedding photographer.
Jake and I agreed to do the shoot because it was free in order to build her portfolio. 
I felt like I was cheating on my beloved Kama.

Erin, the photographer was super fun and super pregnant, but she had us all over the place for the shoot.

Here are some of the pictures.

Erin did a really great job. I love our family pictures with Asher. 

1 comment:

Grammy Goodwill said...

These are great pictures. She did an excellent job. I bet you look at them a lot. Bless your heart.