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September 8, 2011


Vacation was Fun.
We spent a chilly morning at the Renaissance festival. It was not quite as impressive as I remembered it being. There were a lot of very different people in attendance. I think it could have easily been mistaken for a computer game festival. People dressed as fairies, mythical beasts, mid-evil peasants, roman soldiers, and the 'normal' Renaissance group. 
It was a little crazy.
But the turkey leg and the steak on a stake was amazeballz.

After that we went to check in to our hotel. It was really nice because we all could wind down after the long car rides. Jake and I got a good 2 hour nap in... The parents of the group weren't as lucky due to their babies... But we all enjoyed a quiet dinner with sleeping little ones.

The Newport Aquarium was pretty cool. There was so much to see and watching the Noah react to everything was great. (Gabe just slept and ate the whole time, the little bugger) 

We ate lunch at the Hofbrauhaus in KY. It was braut, crout, and schnitzel awesomeness. We all agreed that the next time we ate there we would do it in Germany.

Our ride home included a stop at the outlet mall to stretch our legs and check out the deals. Then it was time to get home.

Our puppy was so happy to see us. He was exhausted from spending the night at my parents house. I love nothing more than seeing his little happy 'welcome home' dance. I'll have to take a video of it and post it so you can see just how cute it is.

Yesterday Jake and I babysat Paisley at her grumpiest. 
It was kinda crazy.
But Twin and TOB came over to get something downloaded and I got Gabe to smile at me for the first time. 
He started doing it over the weekend and it was SO precious.

Today, I'm at work for a half day while Jake goes bowling with his dad and brother. 
I was invited but decided that working is a better option. 
(I'm PMS-ing and my tolerance is a bit low... Not that you needed to know that.)

Tonight Jake and I are going to family dinner at my parents house to celebrate my dad's 60th and BW's birthdays. 

Good news:
Jake, Twin and RG have the yellow ribbon ceremony with their unit on the 11th... 
Then they get a 2 day pass to come home!!!
They fly out on the 14th.
Then I will hopefully get to plan a trip to Seattle a month from now to see Jake one last time before he leaves the country.

I'm really excited for 2 more days.

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ALin said...

Hooray for 2 more days! And I also noticed that "The Picture of Dorian Gray" was on your reading list - great read, one of my favorite from my college days :)