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September 2, 2011


I thought, since Jake and I are almost done moving that I'd give you a little background on my new roommate and her man.


So RG has been friends with Jake since they were both field commanders for marching band their senior year of high school.. 
(I know, they are dorks. Impressive dorks.)
They have been great friends ever since. At one point I think RG was basically living at MIL's house.
They stayed close and when Twin and Jake decided to look into the Army National Guard, RG did too.
Everyone saw the benefits, so all three signed up.

After that KG, who was also in marching band with all of us, was friends with RG's ex. they hung out as a group. After RG and said girl called it quits he brought KG over to hang out with our 'crew'... Now I liked this girl from the first time I met her. We weren't very close in high school because she played a different instrument than I did and she was a year younger. Plus I didn't really like the group she hung out with. 
We became fast friends once she started hanging out with RG one-on-one. 

The next thing we knew they were long distance dating, with KG studying education at OU. 
They have been together, with a little 2-3 week break in the middle somewhere, ever since. 
They got engaged about 2 years ago and set the date for after KG's graduation, since RG was/is planning on med school.
She graduated the same quarter I did and did her student teaching in our hometown. 

When the boys got their orders was when TOB was pregnant the first time. I knew that living with her wouldn't really work out, so I brought the idea up to KG. She thought it was great and we never looked back. 
RG & KG talked about when their wedding was going to take place. They went back an forth about getting married before he left or after. 

After getting into a few heated discussions about it they decided to let the topic sit.
and sit.
and sit.
KG was determined to let RG make up his own mind so she stopped bringing it up.

Now this whole summer has been one full of craziness.
Training weeks, babies, work, drama and moving.
When RG went away for another week of training he came back with a decision.
They were getting married before he left. KG told me he said the sweetest things that showed how much he had though of her and their situation during the whole week without a phone, internet or a way to contact her.
This was about a month ago.

I'm excited to let you know that they went to the courthouse this past Monday and said their vows. KG changed her name to .....KG and that was that. 
It was very private, with just their parents and siblings.

I'm so happy for the two of them and couldn't be more excited. 
KG is planning their Catholic ceremony and reception this year and they are going to have a coming home party/wedding once the boys get back.

So right now, amid the chaos of boxes, furniture and heavy lifting there is some marital bliss shining through.
And 4 people in a 2 bedroom condo.
And let's not forget our cat and dog.

We're all just a tiny bit crowded, but happily distracted for the moment.

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Hey lady! I've been thinking about you...how's your mom??