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September 4, 2011


This week has been a mad house of packing and unpacking. KG & RG are out of town visiting family, so Jake and I have been left to our own devices. I don't really mind. Thrusting two families into one condo has been a little weird. I hate to say that once the boys leave things will start to get more comfortable. As of right now none of us want to interrupt anyone else in case any pre-deployment marital bonding is going on.
I'm talking about talking and spending time together.
Not sex.
Get you're mind out of the gutter.
Although probably that too. 
(Goodness, why does talking about sex make me so embarrassed?! although, aren't you glad that  I don't. It would be awkward for everyone.)

Anyway, since it's just Jake and I we are trying to tackle the boxes upon boxes scattered throughout our place. They're everywhere. 
The important things, like the kitchen, was unpacked the first day we moved. (thank you SIL!) Everything else has been opened and is slowly making their way into proper homes. 

Upon moving everything from out very first home I have realized that nothing and no one can prepare you for how much complete crap you accumulate over the course of 2 years. Especially if your not paying attention. Needless to say I was a little ashamed to not have been better prepared to move.
Running out of boxes didn't help either.

But, oh well.
The next few days (or weeks) I'm putting the pedal to the metal and getting rid of a lot of the things I know we don't need. 
It's something that I'm going to use as motivation to get out of bed once Jake is gone.

KG's OCD will help some too.
It's going to be give and take.

We're both coming in with open minds and a willingness to allow the other to adjust. I'm open to learning how to be better at organization/cleaning and cooking more often.
All things I have been trying to work on.
(and I'm not a dirty person, just a disorganized one who would rather vacuum once every week or so rather than every other day).....

KG is open to learning how to relax her standards some and allow a little, a very little, disorder.

And using both of our determination to housebreak Asher completely.

OK, so I seem to be gaining a little more from this arrangement than KG is... But she's just excited to be getting out of her parent's house.
And I'm excited to get to have a roommate, since I lived at home until I got married.

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