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August 9, 2011


This Weekend was a pretty eventful one. Friday, I don't even remember what happened. I had to look at my calendar to tell you that I went to a.family cookout for Jake's cousin and his fiancé. It was a meet the other side type of thing. Pretty smart.

Saturday I got up and went to the youth soccer team's championship game. Jake was assistant coaching with a church friend of his.
They lost 7-1.
But MIL and SFIL as well as SIL and Noah came to watch. It was a fun family time.

After the game was over Jake and I rushed out of there in order to get to a pool party put on by the unit. Just what I want to do on my Saturday afternoon, go and have to listen to their first Sargent talk about the deployment that is putting my life on hold.
TOB and TWin were there and they brought Gabe...
I personally wouldn't have with it being only 5 days after his birth.... 
While we were there 10th did an interview with Jake and Twin.
Here is the link.
I only got an honorable mention. I don't mind though, my husband is pretty comfortable on camera.
And good looking to boot.

After 2 hours Jake was given permission to leave.
Yes. It was a mandatory fun pool party.

We went home and quickly showered and changed so we could drop off our dog at my parents before heading the wedding reception of one of Jake's good friends from high school.
It was fun and the food was great.

We dashed out of there not too long after dinner due to being, literally, the only people there from high school.
Something about the frat he was in alienating him from his life before the frat.
Jake got a free pass because he is his oldest friend...
That he hadn't seen since our wedding.


We busted out of there and went to another old friend of jake's house. This friend was getting ready to leave for special forces school and hopefully after, active duty. He's a great guy and needs some direction in his life. The army has been more than willing to comply.

Sunday I slept in.
Too much sun from the day before.
(that's what I like to tell myself)
Once Jake got home from church we took a little nap and headed out to the Dublin Irish festival. It's a family tradition for me, and one that Jake has enjoyed ever since I introduced him to it his senior year. We milled around and looked at all the different shops.
Then we were forced to evacuate the grounds due to 'incoming bad weather', meaning a .thunder storm.
After sitting in Big Sis' car for over an hour waiting for my dad to book it to his car to get Paisley's car seat, we headed to a well deserved meal at Texas Roadhouses.

And that was my weekend, in a nutshell.

Thankfully, this weekend is filled with only one thing.
Beth Moore Friday and Saturday at the convention center.

It's going to be a great weekend.

(prayers for the condo would be great. We are hoping to hear back from them by Thursday or Friday.)

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Wow that was an action packed weekend! Phew!

ALin said...

Don't you just love "Mandatory FUN"? The Army loves it. One time we HAD to go play laser tag on a drill weekend . . . I'd rather get a bikini wax