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August 25, 2011

I'm not sorry... I'm just busy.

Life is getting hectic.
Packing is taking over my life.
My to-do list is still as long as ever... More things just keep coming up.

This whole week, so far, has been one where I feel like I'm trying to catch my breath and just stay afloat.

This past weekend was a busy one. Friday, I don't even know what happened. Jake picked up my car from the shop after paying 4 figures for the repair.
He was so calm and collected about the bill...
I was just stunned.

I went shopping for a photo shoot we were doing on Saturday. Hopefully we'll get a sneak peak soon so I can tell SIL that my shirt was a very light blush pink, not cream. lol.

The photo shoot went well. It was an offer from one of the other soldiers in Jake and Twin's unit who, because of being pregnant, isn't being deployed with them.
She was really nice.
And she brought her 2 shelties for Asher to play with while we did some pictures without him.

No, Ezekiel didn't get to go.
Yes, I serious ally contemplated taking him.
Yes, I'm glad I didn't.

We went out to a not so little park in town. Due to the high humidity and fishing ponds everywhere the misquotes were AWFUL. We all were swatting and smacking at them the whole time.

Poor Asher is still scratching.
(Thank goodness he is up to date on his heart worm meds.)

Sunday was restful, with a bridal shower for one of Jake's cousins and family dinner. SIL, MIL and I talked a lot about the coming deployment. It got kinda emotional for a little bit... But then the boys all showed up after a long day of golf.

This week has consisted of me moving boxes from one room to the next, making sure that there were still walk ways through the apartment. I never realized how much stuff we had...
In reality we don't have all that much, but for how big our apartment is it's a lot.
My kitchen and office are being taken over by boxes...
It's the only place I'm allowing them to be, though... So it's to be expected.

The one really great thing that is coming out of this move is that the sectional that came from Jake's mom (it's huge and hunter green) is going away.
In no way, shape or form will that monstrosity of a couch fit in our new place.
I'm over the moon.
So it's going away.

Anyone else want to join me in a little happy dance?

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

wow y'all have been super busy!!! Go girl you can do it!!!!!