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August 10, 2011

Dear Blogger

I would like the option of privatizing specific posts on my blog.

You don't allow this.
Other blogging websites do.

You should do a poll and email asking all of your blogging individuals if they would like this option.

I think you'd be surprised by how many of us do.

I'm contemplating switching blogging sites. It's not a fun idea, relearning blogging basics.

Some things I write are just for me.

I don't want to have to start a private blog and link it to my blog that I have been posting on for 2 years.

I just want one blog.

Your ever hopeful blogger

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Ashley D. said...

I have been wishing for the option to privatize some of my posts too! Crazy! I totally think Blogger should allow this, because that would make getting the stuff OUT that you need to write about, but don't want everyone to read, that much easier!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

If you figure out how to do this (AKA Blogger finally adds the option, please let me know) I need this option too!