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August 31, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday

I may, or may not, have made this on Monday...

Pinterest Wednesday's theme: Pins that explain me!
I wanna DIY. 

My history 

My life. 

Too cool to leave out. 
My habits. 
My sense of humor. 
 My past life's husband.
MY childhood. 
My Idol. 
My thoughts exactly. 
Raised on musicals. 
(This is a GREAT Halloween idea.)

August 30, 2011


Last night my sister called me at 11pm...
I thought she was going to tell me she was going to call in sick to work...


My mom went to the ER last night with a high fever of 102.6 and 'chest tightness'.
Her chest x-ray last night told us that she had pneumonia.

This morning her fever was back down to 98.4 but she her level of chest tightness was at a 5/10.
Jake went to visit her right when he got into work at 6am and is going to be stopping by as often as he can throughout the day.
We don't know much else.

Prayers would be really awesome.

Love you all.

August 29, 2011

'Busy' is My Middle Name

Not really, but it may as well be..
This past week has been one filled with packing, switching over utility providers, hanging out with family and everything in between.

We are getting our keys tomorrow. 
Moving big stuff on Wednesday. (crossing my fingers and hoping everything works out in that respect)
We're trying to be completely out of our old place by Friday afternoon.

In the mean time I have to put some things up on craigslist, schedule our old place's carpets to get cleaned, pack up the last of our stuff, request a moving truck, take a whole car load of stuff to Goodwill, and keep my sanity.

It's going to be interesting.


This weekend was another busy one. Friday Jake and I went out to good old Olive Garden with SIL, Math and Noah. It was a fun time with Noah not liking it at all. Maybe he was warning us against the carbs.
After dinner SIL and I went on a mini scavenger hunt to find me a white shirt to wear for family pictures the next day. 
Kohl's saved my life.
Then we hung out at their house watching Epic Rap Battles of History and looking things up on retrojunk.com.
It was amazing.
(Anyone up for bringing 'Where in The World is Carmen Sadiago?' back?!)

Saturday was an interesting one.
We started off the day with family pictures with Jake's side of the family.
(Just a preview)
Then we headed to a going away party for Jake, Twin and RG.

There was a little drama between MIL and FIL's girlfriend.
Emotions were high because of the nature of the party, but things went pretty well. It was a lot of people.
We ended the night right after clean up and I completely passed out once we got home.

Sunday we did church, then brunch with Big Sis, B-Rad and Paisley.

I may or may not have played with a little Italian Greyhound puppy at the pet store.

Then we went home and crashed again for, ready, 5 hours.
I should get a sleeping award.
Then headed over to MIL's for family dinner.

It was a good, exhausting, crazy weekend.

I'm coming to terms with the idea that life is going to be like this until Jake leaves...

August 25, 2011

I'm not sorry... I'm just busy.

Life is getting hectic.
Packing is taking over my life.
My to-do list is still as long as ever... More things just keep coming up.

This whole week, so far, has been one where I feel like I'm trying to catch my breath and just stay afloat.

This past weekend was a busy one. Friday, I don't even know what happened. Jake picked up my car from the shop after paying 4 figures for the repair.
He was so calm and collected about the bill...
I was just stunned.

I went shopping for a photo shoot we were doing on Saturday. Hopefully we'll get a sneak peak soon so I can tell SIL that my shirt was a very light blush pink, not cream. lol.

The photo shoot went well. It was an offer from one of the other soldiers in Jake and Twin's unit who, because of being pregnant, isn't being deployed with them.
She was really nice.
And she brought her 2 shelties for Asher to play with while we did some pictures without him.

No, Ezekiel didn't get to go.
Yes, I serious ally contemplated taking him.
Yes, I'm glad I didn't.

We went out to a not so little park in town. Due to the high humidity and fishing ponds everywhere the misquotes were AWFUL. We all were swatting and smacking at them the whole time.

Poor Asher is still scratching.
(Thank goodness he is up to date on his heart worm meds.)

Sunday was restful, with a bridal shower for one of Jake's cousins and family dinner. SIL, MIL and I talked a lot about the coming deployment. It got kinda emotional for a little bit... But then the boys all showed up after a long day of golf.

This week has consisted of me moving boxes from one room to the next, making sure that there were still walk ways through the apartment. I never realized how much stuff we had...
In reality we don't have all that much, but for how big our apartment is it's a lot.
My kitchen and office are being taken over by boxes...
It's the only place I'm allowing them to be, though... So it's to be expected.

The one really great thing that is coming out of this move is that the sectional that came from Jake's mom (it's huge and hunter green) is going away.
In no way, shape or form will that monstrosity of a couch fit in our new place.
I'm over the moon.
So it's going away.

Anyone else want to join me in a little happy dance?

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August 20, 2011


Everyone is in denial about this deployment.
It's the nature of the beast.
I have a disconnect kind of relationship with the idea of both boys, as well as a good friend of Jake's (and mine), going on this deployment.

I have the ability to talk about it like it's happening to someone else. Like it's not me. It's a talent right now that I'm thankful for, but that will cause rough nights after he leaves.
I have my moments, though.
Where the weight crushes my chest.
Very few get the chance to see me like that and I'm thankful we don't talk about it after.

You have the privilege of reading my mind in those moments.
Lucky you.

Or maybe, lucky me... For having people so readily there to offer kind and uplifting words during a rather rough time.

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August 19, 2011

Happy 101 Award

Dishes & Wishes received the Happy 101 Award from Darby, my puppy-momma friend. Thanks D, it was fun!
Happy 101 AwardThe Award Rules:
  1. List 10 things that make you HAPPY
  2. List 5 bloggers who brighten your day :-)
  1. Jesus- What else can I say about it?...
  2. Jacob- Love of my life. Even when we fight I'm happier with him than without.
  3. Asher and Ezekiel- They're my babies!!!! no matter how badly behaved and rude they are (we're gonna work on that)
  4. Family- I count them not just as relatives, but as friends. Not many people can. 
  5. Friends- especially ones who really, truly, don't judge you. They don't care if your house is dirty, or in boxes, or if your busy. They're always there and willing to lend a hand. 
  6. Reading- Typical of me. I was going to say my Nook... But that might have caused a little debate or even a show down between readers. I mean really
  7. Nieces and Nephews- Who can resist them?!  
  8. Cleaning- It's a weird one to admit to... And I can be honest and say that I'm not very good at it. My mom's ADD (she really is affected by Adult ADD) way of teaching us how to clean is evident. I start one project and either get immersed in it to the point where I do a complete overhaul, or I start it and find something that needs my attention a little more and think I'll come back to it. But no matter the cleaning technique, I really like turning up the music and just keeping myself busy what what needs to get done.
  9. Traveling- I like doing it. I dream about the places I'll go 'one day'. Give me a plane ticket and good company and I'm as happy as a clam.
  10. Theatre- This one is a given. Makes me happier than all get out. Costumes, Makeup, Music, Lights, Stage, Set... I love every bit of it.
Five bloggers that keep my spirits high (other than Mrs. Darby):
  1. Mrs. G at The G Life
  2. AV at Long Distance Loving
  3. Kristen at Project: Baby
  4. Jennifer at Vintage Gwen
  5. Kelli & Kristi at Lolly Jane Boutique
These are my must reads. Their posts about life, love, family, fashion, kids and everything in between really keeps me going in the blog world. Amazing!
Have a wonderful, and HAPPY weekend!!!!

Comfey Classic

I'm totally into this look right now...

Clutch - Inge Christopher, $130
Polka-dot Top - Forever 21, $22.80
Lace Yellow Top - Forever 21, $19.80
Yellow Button-up Top - Forever 21, $19.80
Lace Cream Top - Forever 21, $17.80
Jeans - Forever 21, $26.80
Grey Sweater - Forever 21, $11.50
Knitted Sweater - Forever 21, $22.80
Key Necklace - Forever 21, $1.50
Sandal - Forever 21, $15.80

August 18, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday on Thursday

Yeah, Yeah... I know. I missed it. 
Yesterday was a book kind of day. I read another really horrible book. 
I don't know what it is about me recently. I just cant not finish a book.
I need to stop getting the free nook books. 
They're hit or miss.
A lot of times, miss.

So here are my pins for this week.

In honor of the move here are some decorating ins-pin-irations.
I'm not going to lie, I have over 400 pins, and very few repeats on this board.

 I <3 those cabinets.
I die. 
Totally do-able. 
How cool?! 
That bath tub! 
 Yes, Please!!! Like, dream bathroom.
Two of my favorite things... Huge tubs and fireplaces. 
Genius. Laundry island in the laundry room. 
So cute! 
Wine anyone? 
Why didn't I think of this. It solves every problem with my laundry issues. 
So cute! 
 I want to mount our tv on the wall...
This is the best couch EVER. 
not fair. 
This is how kids should share rooms. 
 And this!
 Better than a lazy susan cabinet!
 Me. Heaven.
I need that drying rack!

Hope you liked it!!! 

August 16, 2011


We may not have an official moving date yet, but that is not stopping me.

The first thing to get packed was our three shelf bookcase. It's smallish and I was so surprised by how many books came out of there.
I've officially started the library I've always dreamed of.
Not only am I donating more trashy romance novels than I care to admit to, I've developed a kind of bond with my college books...


They're in their own special box.
So are Jake's.

Once again, ew.
Why why do I want to keep them?
I'll let you know after we get moved in.
(Did my avoidance tactic work?)

So, as the days go by I pack another little piece of our almost 2 years of marriage away. It's sad to say good bye to the dumpy place we've been living. I'm way more hesitant than I ever though I would be.

But moving on and up, right?

I'm going to take a break from heavy work and trying my hands at acrobatics and daring heights...
Pictures and decorations are next to be boxed up.

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August 15, 2011

Guest Post

My guest post is up over at Life With the Hawleys.

Let me know what you think.

Follow Darby.

Check it out!

August 12, 2011

Wishing and Hoping

Anyone who started singing that song from the opening credits to My Best Friend's Wedding is now my best friend.

Well, all that we're waiting for is the condo association to approve us as renters... Hopefully we'll hear the result soon because times is a passing and we need to be definite in our new place.

Whether we're in this one or not, we'll be out of our old place by the 3rd.

Makes even you nervous, doesn't it.

Yeah. We evidently like living life on the edge.

In other news, last night Jake and I went on a date to see Captain America. It was pretty good. But then again I generally like super hero movies.
But it was a date.
Just the two of us.
It was great.
Even if Jake made me wait until the end of the credits so we could watch the trailer for The Avengers.

Tonight I'm meeting up with MIL and SIL to participate in some much needed girl time.
We'r going to the Beth Moore seminar event.
I'm super excited.

Jake is going fishing.

I call it win-win.

Check Out that Clutch!

So I adore clutches.
They don't really make sense for my lifestyle, but I love them non-the-less.
Here is some bag envy... 
It's out of the $50 range, but drool worthy.
I. Want.

Bag - Inge Christopher, $115
Dress - Forever 21, $22.80
Necklace - Forever 21, $5.80
Heels - Forever 21, $22.80
Flats - Old Navy, $19.50
Boots - Forever 21, $27.50
Belt - Forever 21, $4.80

August 10, 2011

Dear Blogger

I would like the option of privatizing specific posts on my blog.

You don't allow this.
Other blogging websites do.

You should do a poll and email asking all of your blogging individuals if they would like this option.

I think you'd be surprised by how many of us do.

I'm contemplating switching blogging sites. It's not a fun idea, relearning blogging basics.

Some things I write are just for me.

I don't want to have to start a private blog and link it to my blog that I have been posting on for 2 years.

I just want one blog.

Your ever hopeful blogger

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Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

That's right.
Let's do this!!!
Pet style.
 That didn't come out right...

Cat storage
Push, please.
For you, my dear.

Just beautiful.

I need one... And one for every dog in my family.

They snatchin' yo puppies up.

Doot do-do-do

I should have done this for Asher...

Fur torpedo.

Love it!