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July 26, 2011

TOB is a Planner

It's true. 
The Other Bride is most comfortable when she knows who, what, when, where and why.
There is nothing wrong with this. I, myself, am a poster child of To-Do lists.
With the impending deployment of both of our husbands it's innevitable and 1000000000% necessary.

TOB scheduled her induction for little Gabriel.
I'm torn about this.

1. I'm all about going as natural as possible.
2. Um, I'd want that baby out as soon as safely possible too in this situation. The more time Twin gets with little Gabe before their deployment the better.
3. the 'balloning' procedure scares me. 

So all of those reasons give me the 'better her, than me' mentality.

She's going to have a tough 23rd birthday.
They're starting the 'balooning' August 1st
She's going to go out for a light birthday dinner then head straight to the hospital.
Gabe should be here by August 2nd.

I'm actually getting excited.

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