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July 8, 2011

Summer Theatre

I love my summer theatre family. 
I really do.
The group that I hang out with and love most dearly gets me through the long weeks of rehearsals.
They allow large quantity of sarcasm and silliness.
They can take it as well as dish it out.

Everyone else.... Meh.

I've been doing the summer musical with the community theatre for the past 13 years.
Ready for a list?
(Big Sis and I choreographed due to our Scottish Dance training)
Damn Yankees
Kiss Me Kate
My Fair Lady
King and I
Jekyll & Hyde
Big River : I was the leading lady!

And this year...

The people in it are truly my extended family. 

It's only 5 weeks.
It seems like for-freakin'-ever...
I always feel like my life goes down the crapper during that time period. 
The stress during tech week is a little much.
But there is still some summer left after strike on the last night.
That fact, in itself, a blessing.

Especially this year.

But I still love it, no matter how much I complain. 
No matter how much drama there is.
No matter if I get a part, or not. (98% of the time it's a not...)  

It's a break from the routine of life. 
The strict schedule for those 5 weeks, while stressful, gives me an escape from the monotonous day to day that is my work schedule.

(Enter an if than scenario about what could have been my theatre life, college and where I'd be now-here.)

Summer theatre is something that I do for me. 
One of the very few things that I really do selfishly.
I, like so many others who do the summer show, didn't peruse my love for theatre in 'real life'.
This is a chance to be a part of something.
A chance to perform.
And I'm probably going to keep doing it until they ask me not to...

(Unless something traumatic or completely insane happens...)

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Wow Erin you have been doing this for a long time! You must be very talented! I wish I lived closer and could come see Ragtime this summer!