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July 25, 2011

On the Move

Some things I may or may not have talked about recently. 
(I'm too lazy to go check)

In the past, I'll say 3 months, there have been electrical fires in our complex.
Yes, I said fires.

The first happened with a bathroom ceiling fan.
Fire alarms went off and the tenant, who was downstairs with her new baby, called 911.

The second happened in the same unit. 
Same people.
About 2 weeks later.
A wall plug started sparking and caught fire.
They had to get everyone out and call 911 again.
This time there was actual damage.

The diagnosis.
Bad electrical wiring. The fire fighters who came to put out the fire said that they couldn't really do much because the wiring was older than anything they'd ever seen.


The complex's resolution would be to check all the wiring in all 5 of the buildings.

Just about 3-4 weeks ago the old woman in the complex (the one who pushes her dog in a dog stroller) had to move to a recently emptied townhouse because her unit went up in flames.
She was able to get out and get her dog and two cats out. 
Unfortunately her two cats were indoor cats and rushed back inside the place once they were out because they were scared... They didn't make it out again.

Did the owners do a mass inspection after this?


What the?! 

The tenants were told nothing. 
If you didn't hear about the fire from anyone else you wouldn't have known it had happened. 
They're not doing electrical inspections.
You are allowed to call and schedule your own code inspection with your own money. If something was really wrong then you would be reimbursed, otherwise you just had to eat the cost of the inspection


Those inspections aren't cheap, but I guess the complex's owners are.

Now, Jake and I already knew some of our outlets were unusable because they have a little bit of a black residue on the face plate.

Needless to say, after these incidents Jake has been nervous about our place.

The past two weeks I have been searching for a new place we could live.

Better to move things sooner rather than later. 
I'd hate to be mid deployment and have a fire scare, or an actual fire, and have to move everything with out him.

I may have found a place. 
We went to do a walk through on Friday.
It's a private owner whose daughter and her husband have been living in the condo for the past 4 years.
It was really nice.

The only bad thing;
The daughter and her husband are building a house and wont be able to move out until the first of September...
Jake and I would have a little over a week to move and get situated and unpacked before he left.

It's not ideal... 
But then again, I'd take moving with that timeline over a fire any day.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Oh my gosh! That must be so stressful! You never know when things may or may not go up in flames?!?! Seems like a crime for the landlord not to do anything about it right?! I agree girl, get outta there!

Nikki said...

HOw awful of those landlords. You should call up the 10 TV investigators people. They love stories like that. Maybe they could get something done. But, yeah, I would definitely be looking for a new place. Good luck!