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July 29, 2011

Asher's Appointment and X-ray

I know. I forgot to update you.

Asher is funny about us leaving the house.
The moment Jake or I put on our shoes he bolts upstairs to our bed (or to the futon mattress that is on the floor in our bedroom until he is allowed to get on the furniture again.) looking all sweet and stuff. 
It's his way of saying, 'look, I'm too cute. I'll be good, I promise. Just not the kennel!!!!!!!!!'
We then pick him up, take him downstairs and place him in front of his kennel.
He walks in with his head down. 

When he's going with us the story is a little different.
I ask him if he wants to go. He says yes. Every time.

'Asher, do you want to go to Grammy and Grampy's?' or 'Asher, do you want to go yo Gramma and Grampas?'
(The difference between what we call Jakes mom and step dad and my parents is pretty big, isn't it? lol)
Every. Single. Time. He whips his head around and looks at me from the side of his eyes.
It's like he's saying, 'you're not joking with me, are you?'
Then the tail starts going.

On Monday I came home and asked; 'Asher, do you want to go see Dr. B and the girls?!'
He stopped what he was doing... Chewing on a bone, I think. 
He gave me that look.
Then sat very still as I put on his harness.

Asher is fond of car rides. 
We bought him a little seat belt from Moochie & Co. 

It's genius.

Once we got to the vet we got out and Asher about peed himself with happiness at seeing the staff. 
We checked in and took a seat in the waiting area while Asher kept trying to escape.

Once it was his time to go back and get x-rays I started to do the puppy hand off with the tech.
Asher started whining like he was a little hurt or scared. This is a new 'thing' he has started doing when he gets too excited about a person. He's done it with MIL and my parents quite a bit recently... 
Needless to say the tech thought it was weird.

The x-rays went awesome. 
Asher didn't make a sound as he was put into place for the imaging.

Dr. B. said everything was going perfectly. 
He has a little calcium deposit right at the top ridge of the plate which is a little bum you can feel. It's not a screw like I was afraid of.
The bone isnt healed, but it's graying in. Which means two more weeks of restrictions then he's good to go. 
Doc doesn't need another x-ray until way later.

That's right. 
2 more weeks of restrictions.
He said running on leash inside is fine, just no jumping on and off of furniture or going up the stairs...

We listened to that until about Tuesday.
We're still on the futon mattress, just because the bed is a scary idea, since that's how the whole thing happened.

Asher is doing great.
Jake and I are ready for the time when we can stop yelling at him to slow down.
And for the time when seeing him jump, even his little 'treat hop', will no longer cause palpitations.

Thanks everyone, for caring so much about my puppy and sanity.
That's why your the best readers ever.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Yay!!!! So glad you all got a great report! Way to go Asher!

Nikki said...

Such good news. Two more weeks and that puppy can finally start acting crazy again!