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July 29, 2011

I Was Hacked

My long time email was hacked.
Multiple times in the past 2 weeks.
Therefore I've (finally) switched to Gmail.

I've also started switching my blogger account to my Gmail.
(It can be done)
However, my new account doesn't have any blogs on my following list.

I feel like my life has been lost.
OK, so that's an exaggeration.
But only slightly.

I'm on the search for all of the amazing women whose lives I've followed for the past 2 years.

It's a good thing I haven't deleted my old login yet.
I can have the computer up with one account and have the other up on my iPad, searching for blogs.

Such is life.

Have and amazing weekend, Lovelies!

Asher's Appointment and X-ray

I know. I forgot to update you.

Asher is funny about us leaving the house.
The moment Jake or I put on our shoes he bolts upstairs to our bed (or to the futon mattress that is on the floor in our bedroom until he is allowed to get on the furniture again.) looking all sweet and stuff. 
It's his way of saying, 'look, I'm too cute. I'll be good, I promise. Just not the kennel!!!!!!!!!'
We then pick him up, take him downstairs and place him in front of his kennel.
He walks in with his head down. 

When he's going with us the story is a little different.
I ask him if he wants to go. He says yes. Every time.

'Asher, do you want to go to Grammy and Grampy's?' or 'Asher, do you want to go yo Gramma and Grampas?'
(The difference between what we call Jakes mom and step dad and my parents is pretty big, isn't it? lol)
Every. Single. Time. He whips his head around and looks at me from the side of his eyes.
It's like he's saying, 'you're not joking with me, are you?'
Then the tail starts going.

On Monday I came home and asked; 'Asher, do you want to go see Dr. B and the girls?!'
He stopped what he was doing... Chewing on a bone, I think. 
He gave me that look.
Then sat very still as I put on his harness.

Asher is fond of car rides. 
We bought him a little seat belt from Moochie & Co. 

It's genius.

Once we got to the vet we got out and Asher about peed himself with happiness at seeing the staff. 
We checked in and took a seat in the waiting area while Asher kept trying to escape.

Once it was his time to go back and get x-rays I started to do the puppy hand off with the tech.
Asher started whining like he was a little hurt or scared. This is a new 'thing' he has started doing when he gets too excited about a person. He's done it with MIL and my parents quite a bit recently... 
Needless to say the tech thought it was weird.

The x-rays went awesome. 
Asher didn't make a sound as he was put into place for the imaging.

Dr. B. said everything was going perfectly. 
He has a little calcium deposit right at the top ridge of the plate which is a little bum you can feel. It's not a screw like I was afraid of.
The bone isnt healed, but it's graying in. Which means two more weeks of restrictions then he's good to go. 
Doc doesn't need another x-ray until way later.

That's right. 
2 more weeks of restrictions.
He said running on leash inside is fine, just no jumping on and off of furniture or going up the stairs...

We listened to that until about Tuesday.
We're still on the futon mattress, just because the bed is a scary idea, since that's how the whole thing happened.

Asher is doing great.
Jake and I are ready for the time when we can stop yelling at him to slow down.
And for the time when seeing him jump, even his little 'treat hop', will no longer cause palpitations.

Thanks everyone, for caring so much about my puppy and sanity.
That's why your the best readers ever.

Katie Cassidy

Black bows, $15.80

Grey linen, $15.80

Blue ring, $4.80

Slingbacks, $26.80

July 28, 2011

A Taste of SAH Motherhood....

Last week I babysat little Paisley-Pie 2 days in a row!
It was amazing.

I have always felt a little out of the loop due to not living in the same house as everyone.
The month I moved out of my parents house my sister and her husband moved in so they could save money for a kid and a down payment.
Well now they have the kid.

It was an awesome 2 days filled with lounging, driving, dirty diapers and spit up.

I loved it.

Some pictures.

July 26, 2011

TOB is a Planner

It's true. 
The Other Bride is most comfortable when she knows who, what, when, where and why.
There is nothing wrong with this. I, myself, am a poster child of To-Do lists.
With the impending deployment of both of our husbands it's innevitable and 1000000000% necessary.

TOB scheduled her induction for little Gabriel.
I'm torn about this.

1. I'm all about going as natural as possible.
2. Um, I'd want that baby out as soon as safely possible too in this situation. The more time Twin gets with little Gabe before their deployment the better.
3. the 'balloning' procedure scares me. 

So all of those reasons give me the 'better her, than me' mentality.

She's going to have a tough 23rd birthday.
They're starting the 'balooning' August 1st
She's going to go out for a light birthday dinner then head straight to the hospital.
Gabe should be here by August 2nd.

I'm actually getting excited.

July 25, 2011

On the Move

Some things I may or may not have talked about recently. 
(I'm too lazy to go check)

In the past, I'll say 3 months, there have been electrical fires in our complex.
Yes, I said fires.

The first happened with a bathroom ceiling fan.
Fire alarms went off and the tenant, who was downstairs with her new baby, called 911.

The second happened in the same unit. 
Same people.
About 2 weeks later.
A wall plug started sparking and caught fire.
They had to get everyone out and call 911 again.
This time there was actual damage.

The diagnosis.
Bad electrical wiring. The fire fighters who came to put out the fire said that they couldn't really do much because the wiring was older than anything they'd ever seen.


The complex's resolution would be to check all the wiring in all 5 of the buildings.

Just about 3-4 weeks ago the old woman in the complex (the one who pushes her dog in a dog stroller) had to move to a recently emptied townhouse because her unit went up in flames.
She was able to get out and get her dog and two cats out. 
Unfortunately her two cats were indoor cats and rushed back inside the place once they were out because they were scared... They didn't make it out again.

Did the owners do a mass inspection after this?


What the?! 

The tenants were told nothing. 
If you didn't hear about the fire from anyone else you wouldn't have known it had happened. 
They're not doing electrical inspections.
You are allowed to call and schedule your own code inspection with your own money. If something was really wrong then you would be reimbursed, otherwise you just had to eat the cost of the inspection


Those inspections aren't cheap, but I guess the complex's owners are.

Now, Jake and I already knew some of our outlets were unusable because they have a little bit of a black residue on the face plate.

Needless to say, after these incidents Jake has been nervous about our place.

The past two weeks I have been searching for a new place we could live.

Better to move things sooner rather than later. 
I'd hate to be mid deployment and have a fire scare, or an actual fire, and have to move everything with out him.

I may have found a place. 
We went to do a walk through on Friday.
It's a private owner whose daughter and her husband have been living in the condo for the past 4 years.
It was really nice.

The only bad thing;
The daughter and her husband are building a house and wont be able to move out until the first of September...
Jake and I would have a little over a week to move and get situated and unpacked before he left.

It's not ideal... 
But then again, I'd take moving with that timeline over a fire any day.

July 24, 2011

Life with a broken puppy

First, let me thank my readers. You have been so awesome and supportive. I know that I'll have bad moments, and just knowing that you'll stick around and give awesome words of encouragement really does help.

And those of you who are wondering, we are now returning to our regularly scheduled blogging.

It sure has been an interesting month, in regards to Asher.

Keeping a 5-6 month old puppy from moving is a pretty hard thing to do. Its been rough. And needless to say, we haven't been the best at following the rules to a tee.

Who can honestly keep a 5-6 month puppy kenneled all day and night!?
Not us.
We can't even kennel the pup at night.
Not even when he escapes from us at night and chases the cat when he isn't supposed to be walking.

He's doing pretty great. I'm a little nervous about his appointment Monday. He's getting an x-ray to see how his leg is healing and if the screws have moved any. I'm scared the vet will take one look at the leg and tell us that he has to have another surgery because the screws were moving too much and that his leg is all jacked up.... And that he'll never be allowed off of his restrictions because we are awful pet parents and we deserve to have to carry Asher everywhere or buy one of those pet strollers like the old lady in our apartment complex and push Asher around.

Ok, I know they won't say that. But it's a constant worry of mine.

I'd like to see them take Asher home for a weekend and tell me to kennel him and keep him from doing anything on that leg...

I mean one second he'll be so sweet and cuddly on the couch and the very next second he'll be across the room heading up the stairs after the cat... I've only actually caught him on the fly by once or twice. He's quick. I mean honestly, he's an Italian greyhound...

Key word there; greyhound.

Any prayers that Asher's leg be on the right track would be really awesome and appreciated.

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July 19, 2011

Since I've been gone

Well, it's been a while. My week turned into almost two. It was much needed. It's almost still needed. My exhaustion and total lack of motivation for everything is coming 100% from my depression.

This is the first thine I've every really noticed my depression. I'm sure I've felt it before. The sensation is familiar.

I'm functioning... But bearly.

Anyway. With depression you just push through. Me forcing myself to get back to blogging, something I've done daily for 2 years, is something that I need to get my butt in gear about. It'll be a big help in getting through this, I know it.

Since I have taken my break a few things have, and haven't, happened.

The summer show was amazing. Even with all the drama that came with it the cast pulled together and put on the best community theatre show we have done since I've been participating.

Next years show was announced as Cabaret.

It'll be interesting.

Last Sunday jakes unit had a yellow ribbon event day, which is why I had to miss my first performance with the arts council. It was an information day for then families of the soldiers who are deploying. I thought It was going to be a day of getting things done. Getting the soldiers in touch with a tricare rep so that insurance information could be verified. Having the help with putting together a will. Being given orders for this deployment....


It ended up being a wasted day of power point presentations on communication, what different options Tricare offers and how to manage money (basically they said to get an IRA).

Power points presentations?
Really army?

Jake and the boys made sure to welcome us to the world of drill weekends.

What a waste.

Monday, Asher had a vet appointment to get his stitches out. His leg is healing so well. His scar, while long, is probably not going to be all that noticeable due to his fur being white and so short.

We found out last night that they forgot to take out one knot from his stitches. It was under a scab and is really small. Now that everything is healed the little purple knot stands out. We are going to keep an eye on it to make sure that it doesn't get covered by skin so we can get it out next Monday when we go back for his 1 month post surgery xray.

He is doing really well. It is sooooooooooo so so so so hard to keep him totally off his leg. He hasn't shown any signs of even noticing that something was wrong with it until last night, when he started limping a little bit.

Even that I think was from the huge thunderstorm that came into our area. What an old broken man our 6 month old puppy is.
Poor baby boy.

On Wednesday, I went with Big Sis to get my hair trimmed.
It was almost to my waistline.
I got 2 inches taken off.....
You can't even tell...
I can't even tell.

Then this past weekend was the epitome of depression time for me. Instead of breaking down and crying or having sleepless nights like normal people, I slept from 10pm until almost 2pm the next day.
Jake wasn't thrilled about it.
Neither was I because even after I got up and showered, all I wanted to do was sleep.
And all that sleeping is just plain sucky. You don't feel rested after, just more tired.

One good thing that happened this past week was that my nephew, SIL's little man Noah, was dedicated at church. It was pretty awesome. After church we all met up at Oma's pool and swam. Big Sis and B-rad came over with P-pod (Paisley) and she went swimming for the first time! It was cool.

So there is a play by play of my week of blog vacancy.
I'm getting my butt back in gear and I'll be cranking out posts just like before.
Bear with me. I have a feeling that sometimes blogging/journaling will be the only real outlet I'll have.

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July 12, 2011


Hey, my lovely readers. I have decided to warn you all that I'm going to be taking a little break. It's probably only going to be for about a week. I am coming down with a summer cold and my energy, not to mention my focus, has gone down the crapper. So, in order to make sure I still at least work while I'm at work, I'm cutting the social networking down to a minimum. 

I love you all and I'll be back soon!

July 8, 2011

Summer Theatre

I love my summer theatre family. 
I really do.
The group that I hang out with and love most dearly gets me through the long weeks of rehearsals.
They allow large quantity of sarcasm and silliness.
They can take it as well as dish it out.

Everyone else.... Meh.

I've been doing the summer musical with the community theatre for the past 13 years.
Ready for a list?
(Big Sis and I choreographed due to our Scottish Dance training)
Damn Yankees
Kiss Me Kate
My Fair Lady
King and I
Jekyll & Hyde
Big River : I was the leading lady!

And this year...

The people in it are truly my extended family. 

It's only 5 weeks.
It seems like for-freakin'-ever...
I always feel like my life goes down the crapper during that time period. 
The stress during tech week is a little much.
But there is still some summer left after strike on the last night.
That fact, in itself, a blessing.

Especially this year.

But I still love it, no matter how much I complain. 
No matter how much drama there is.
No matter if I get a part, or not. (98% of the time it's a not...)  

It's a break from the routine of life. 
The strict schedule for those 5 weeks, while stressful, gives me an escape from the monotonous day to day that is my work schedule.

(Enter an if than scenario about what could have been my theatre life, college and where I'd be now-here.)

Summer theatre is something that I do for me. 
One of the very few things that I really do selfishly.
I, like so many others who do the summer show, didn't peruse my love for theatre in 'real life'.
This is a chance to be a part of something.
A chance to perform.
And I'm probably going to keep doing it until they ask me not to...

(Unless something traumatic or completely insane happens...)

Kate Holmes

Polka dot Blouse (pink and black) - H&M, $17.95
Dark Jeans - Forever 21, $10.50
Crocodile heels - Forever 21, $26.80

July 7, 2011

I've Never Owned and Apple

After a long evening of rehearsal for Ragtime I came home to a present.

Sitting in a basket, on a chair, in the middle of our kitchen was this baby!


Jake, for no apparent reason, got me an ipad2!
when he was getting it the salesperson asked him if it was for a special day.
When he said no she asked him if he was going for husband of the year.
When he said no I believe she stopped talking to him because, who does that?

Ok so maybe I made up that last part.
But seriousally?!
Who does that?!
My awesome husband does, that's who.
My awesome husband who felt bad that I haven't been able to use my desktop in months because it's so stupid.
My husband who, on a whim, wanted to make my day better.
my husband who never does anything on a whim.

he's the bestest!

Now, how about some a quick apple-how-to?
I'm clueless here.

July 6, 2011

Jessica Alba

Floral Maxi - Ruche, $53.99
Pink Roses - forever 21, $19.80
Blue Floral - Forever 21, 17.80
Beige Floral - Forever 21, 28.90
Multi Floral - Forever 21, $19.80
Taupe Wedge - Forever 21, $26.80
Brown Buckle - Forever 21, 26.80
Heart Locket - Forever 21, $32.80
Briefcase Crossbody - Forever 21, $32.80
Textured Buckle - Forever 21, $24.80

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

Gonna try something new this week. 


In light of my newest obsession, Pinterest, I'm going to share with you some of the lovely things I've pinned recently.

Pinterest is a website that allows you to pin and categorize anything and everything awesome you find on the web. 
You can also re-pin other people's awesome finds.
You need an invitation to join. 
Comment with your email and I'll take care of that for you.

Some of my favs.

Bread clips, brilliant.
 Grilled balsalmic-honey glazed carrots. Yum!
 Peanut butter granola apple sandwiches. I'm so hungry.
 So cool.
 I'm going to replicate this asap.
 I love DIY's!!!
 Bake cookies in waffle makers! Genius!
 Cutest ever!

July 5, 2011

Dressing for Yourself and Your Man

On yahoo there was an article from Redbook magazine stating that they had '5 outfits that guys secretly hope you will wear'  

Some of the options they gave were a little pricey (everything was over $40) so here is a more budget friendly version.

'Sweats and a tee'
(not of the baggy sort)

Grey sweatpants - Target, $16.99
Black cargo knit pants - Target, $24.99
Oatmeal sweatpants - Forever 21, $11.80
Blue burnout tee - Forever 21, $12.80
NYC tee - Forever 21, $14.80
Burnout Tank - Forever 21, $10.80
Boyfriend Tee - Forever 21, $7.80
(Any plain/worn tee should work.)

'Simple sexy dress'
(No bells and whistles)
Shift dress - Kohls.com, $35.00
Strappless sheath dress - Target, $49.99
Black strappy heels - Forever 21, $20.80

'Jeans and a white tank'
White ribbed racerback tank - Old Navy, $7.50
White lace trim cami - Old Navy, $12.50
Dark boot-cut - Forever21, $10.50
Med wash boot-cut - Gap, $49.99

'A pencil skirt and classic heels'
Black pencil skirt - OldNavy.com, $29.50
Ruffled Cami - Old Navy, $14.99
Patent peep-toe - Forever21, $24.80
Black sling backs - Forever 21, $22.80
Black pumps - Forever 21, $16.80

'Pretty undies'
basically, matching lingerie.

July 1, 2011

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

This weekend I am going to learn how to sew. 
Yes, Me.
And SIL.
(yes, that's a link to her new blog. Go give her some love!)

We're possibly going to get a crash course from Oma this weekend. She's a sewing genius. Remember how she was my wedding seamstress, taking my dress from a size 12 to a size 4?
All that lace and craziness...

You see we both figure, why spend the money on things you can easily make yourself? 

I'll be updating you on the things I try to make as we go along. 

I just wanted to share.

Anyone picking up a new hobby, talent or craft?

Fashion for the Fourth

I'm not one to wear the corny holiday garb. 
There is no way I'm going to pick up a tee shirt that says 'Happy 4th' or 'I'm a firecracker' on it.
 Here are some, still festive, but fashionable alternatives.


Stripped tank - Forever 21, $6.80
White Teared button up Tank - Forever 21, $17.80
Cream knit tunic - Forever 21, $15.80
Blue striped tee - forever 21, $12.80
Blue tunic - Forever 21, $19.80
Blue Paisley tunic - Forever 21, $27.80
Black and white geo top - Forever 21, $22.80
Eyelet top - Forever 21, $24.80
Red belt - H&M, $14.95
Red cinch belt - Forever 21, $8.80


A-line denim skirt - forever 21, $19.80
White embroidered skirt - forever 21, $15.80
Navy scalloped hem skirt - Forever 21, $19.80
Tie waist shorts - Old Navy, $11.98
Blue Shorts - Old Navy, $16.50
Capri - Old Navy, $24.99


Blue and white geo dress - Forever 21, $22.80
Solid navy strapless dress- forever 21, $12.90
Denim tank dress - Forever 21, $19.80
Sleeveless striped top dress - Forever 21, $14.50
Lace and posies dress - Forever 21, $24.80
Blue stripe - forever 21, $22.80
Red and white geo dress - Forever 21, $24.80
Contrast tiered dress - Forever 21, $24.80
Blue skinny belt - Forever 21, $2.50
Cream woven belt - Forever 21, $6.80


Red ballet flats - H&M, $12.95
Blue bowed - forever 21, $16.80
Cream sandal - Forever 21, $14.80
Nude sandal - Forever 21, $19.80


Navy Stone - Forever 21, $4.80
Turquoise and gold strands - Forever 21, $7.80
Chunky tourquoise stones - Forever 21, $6.80
Braided - Forever 21, $4.80
Anchor - Forever 21, $5.80
Star - Forever 21, $1.50
White and gold - Forever 21, $8.80
Turquoise coil - Forever 21, $4.80
Feather - Forever 21, $4.80
Blue stone - Forever 21, $3.80