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June 6, 2011

Why I Blog

In all honesty, I don't blog just to read my wit and humor pour onto a web page... Hoping that someone, anyone, would read it.
Having followers as sweet as yourself, to share in my randomness is just an added bonus.

I've kept a journal since I was in the 5th grade. I had found my mom's diary from when she was 16 and spent hours pouring over her musings and the daily grind of a teenager in the 60's. I thought it was pretty cool so I started my own journal. My mom loved my enthusiasm and bought me a little journal covered in stars and moons with a little snap to keep my secrets locked away. Sometimes I like to go back and read all about my infatuation with Hanson's Zach, the backstreet boys and my elementary school friends.

It turned into a habit. I started writing in a journal at night before I went to bed... My junior and senior year of high school it was so bad, and I my life seemed to be so full of drama, that I had a continual journal entry throughout my whole day. I wrote in class instead of paying attention just so all my frustration and teenage angst could be caught in complete spontaneousness. I never edited myself. I wrote about what my life was about in each second. I was shy and cared so much about how I appeared to others that writing in my journal was a place to unload everything.

When Jake and I started dating I was still writing during class because it was my senior year... And in all honesty, who cares about school work during their senior year? Senioritus, anyone? (It just sucks that my senioritus started my sophomore year...)

Once I graduated from high school journaling got pushed to the background. I was starting a new phase in my life. Journaling went from a daily necessity to a weekly recap to a monthly 'Oh yeah...'

Two years ago decided I needed a place to unload about the stress related to wedding planning. The Knot had a bunch of girls who had these awesome blogs where they could document their wedding planning journey. So I decided to quietly start 'Wedding Planning Memoirs'. It was mostly for myself. The only other person that I knew who read it was my sister.

 (How addicting is it to read about someone else's life?) I started trying new things with my posts.

2 years later what you see is what you get.

It's a stress reliever, time waster, life saver and therapist all rolled into one.

So what about you?
Why do you blog?


Christine said...

i blog to keep out of town relatives up to date on our lives. it started when we were building a house, then the wedding, then building a deck/fence, then getting chewy the dog, and now the babies!

NANCY said...

It's awesome that you've written this!! My husband and I were just talking about this the other day! I've also journaled since I was 16 and still have all of them packed away in a box. Hubby says he would never keep the journals, but throw them away so that my kids can't read them and see how imperfect hubby and I. What's your opinion? Would you let your kids read them when they got older? I still journal though not as often. And I plan to keep them!!

Nikki said...

I agree...it's super adicting reading about other people's lives. I feel like there's this whole world of people I know, but I don't know them.