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June 8, 2011


Joining up with Shannon at LAID for this week's 

This week I'm saying so what if:
  • I got a ticket on Monday, cried about it to the officer, cried all the way home and cried at Jake. My tags were expired and NO ONE knew/remembered... That's what I get for getting a new car 3 months before my birthday...
  • I really think the officer pulled me over because my front license plate was jammed in between my seat and the center consul of my car. She was in front of me, went around the block and came out behind me right before she pulled me over... Someone was desperate to meet their monthly quota.
  • I have been to the grocery store three times this week and each time I've forgotten to get milk. Jake's going to start a riot.
  • I ran out of my MK mineral powder, 2 days of liquid foundation was 3 days more than I should have ever used......... So I broke down and bought a mineral powder from target...
  • I feel guilty for breaking down. I heart MK.
  • Jake and I planned to have a 'date night'. His muffler broke on his car so instead my dad came over and they played mechanic... I read a book and after we ordered pizza and watched The Killers.
  • The Killers was an awful, awful movie.... But I made Jake watch every minute of it before we went to bed.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Goodness! It's only Wednesday and all this has happened?! Here's hoping the rest of your week goes better!