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June 1, 2011

So What Wednesday

Linking up with my gurl Shannon over at LAID for So What Wednesday!

This week I'm saying so what if;
  • I'm hosting three giveaways in one week. Check it out!!! 
  • I stood on my desk chair at work for almost 5 minutes yesterday because a roach almost ran across my foot... OK so it wasn't anywhere near my foot. I don't care. It was huge. HUGE. (if my husband saw this he'd insert 'that's what she said'.)
  • I made my dad hunt down the roach... Oh, the perks of having pops as a supervisor.
  • My boss is not gonna be in at all this week.... want to know my plans for the work day?
  • I'm behind on laundry. I'm the only one that notices, evidently... I don't even want to know what Jake is doing about the lack of clean laundry... Me? I have an unhealthy supply of delicates.
  • I over share...
  • Our vet told us last night that Asher was a little in love with himself... Gaaaaaaahahahaha.
  • I think I have a personality crush on our vet...
  • Yes, I just said 'personality crush'.
  • I'm the kind of person to hold a grudge until you redeem yourself.
  • I'm not overly concerned with you or your issues troubles when you shove your complaints down my throat. It's not my fault you got yourself...... A-hem, excuse me... Mental filter... You should thank me. I just saved you from having to read a full on rant.
  • Is it bad that I really, really wanted to keep going on that last one?
  • I don't kiss ass. It's not my thing. I'm not going to force myself on someone I want to impress or someone who I want to be friends with. It's like social rape and I don't condone that... Plus, it's really annoying to witness.
  • I know my theatre experience is slim to none when it comes to acting... Watch me audition everywhere during the year that Jake's gone. 
  • I'm obsessive.
  • I scrubbed our carpet at 10:30 with our Bissel spot bot... Hey! I have a potty training puppy peeing all over the place. the neighbors can just deal with the paper thin walls... I have to listen to their Cuban gangsta rap at 8am on a Sunday. They can deal with the noise of a carpet cleaner. At least I'm cleaning it up instead of leaving it....
And that's it for today!

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