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June 21, 2011

Puppy Parents, This is a Must Read...

When we got Asher, we had the few toys that you would recognize coming from those 'you have a new puppy' kits. You know what I'm talking about...The customary matching tennis ball and rope toy that screams "I want my dog to be so posh and trendy." They were left over from Maverick, since we knew we were getting a puppy not long after we put him down. 

Upon getting Asher home, realizing that he was 10000000 times more energetic than Maverick ever was, we drove the 30 minutes to SIL and Math's house to burn off some puppy craziness with their 2 shih tzu's, Boo Radley and Scout. (Yes, SIL is a huge To Kill a Mocking Bird fan)

Upon leaving I asked if the had any old toys they would like to donate to the crazy puppy fund. SIL told me to check the coat closet and take whatever I wanted. There were quite a few dog toys in the stash and I didn't want to seem greedy, so I took the most durable thing I found that was blue (at that point I was still thinking in the matchy-matchy way of things). It was a crazy rubber bone with fabric ties on one end. I had no idea where it was from and decided that it would work. 

It turned into Asher's Linus blanket. 
He took it with him everywhere. 
He held it and tried ripping the ties to shreds. 
He shook the bajeezus out of it.
He even slept with it.

Then we lost it at MIL's house.
My shoes became the central target of his fury.

I didn't want to replace it knowing that he would get it back the next weekend, so we went to the pet store and perused the isles for a quick fix replacement. I found out that the beloved blue bone was from a line called petstages. I saw it and my fingers paused in snatching it and running out of the store.

We didn't need 2 of the exact same toys, did we?
The whole line was so loud and obnoxious. I mean really, dogs don't need lime green, yellow, orange and black toys... And I didn't need those tacky things laying all over my house...
Wasn't he going to be getting his precious blue bone back that weekend?
Any rubber toy with ties would do, wouldn't it?

So, I looked things over and decided to grab a different Petstages toy. It was a light blue barbell chew with the same ropes on it as the blue bone... 
It would work, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
(Granted it was the best distraction we had.) 

Once we got the blue bone back, I wept with relief. 

Then about 2 weeks later he lost it.
I bolted to the pet store and bought a new one. 

I contemplated buying two. 

Now that we have it, he's found his old one and is 100% content with having two. 
He also likes to reminisce about the taste of shoe and carry a flip flop, flat or heel around every once in a blue moon... 
Until I shove that beautiful blue bone in his face and stash my shoes in high place... 
Ezekiel is starting to loose perching places around the apartment. I think he might be starting to think I'm trying to displace him as King Kitty.

So new pet parents... 
Go get your new pup a Petstages toy. 
Get two.
Hell, buy the whole 'chewing' line like we just did. 

Your shoes will thank you.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

oh you must've known the title of this post would attract me! I'm going to the petstore today!!! Thanks for the tip!

Lindsey said...

Interesting! I would totally get this if I had a pup!