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June 28, 2011

The Past 2 Days

Since Asher has come home all he has wanted to do is sleep. Which is totally fine with me. There is nothing better for healing than restful sleep. I take after my father in the fact that when I'm sick, depressed, or exhausted, I sleep. 

And when I say sleep, I mean sleep. 
My mom always knew when ever I was faking a sick day because if something was really wrong I'd be passed out all day. Waking up to pee. That's it.
If not, I'd be reading or playing video games. 

Asher has been sleeping.
I've been watching movies.

Netflix is amazballs.

But, I'm getting tired of it. 
I can't even imagine how Asher feels.
Well in all reality, he's healing and getting some R&R. I'm sure he's peachy.
When I take him outside to potty and he sees a neighbor he gets so excited it's hard to contain him. 
I'm talking tail wagging, legs moving, nose sniffing, tongue reaching to give automatic kisses excited.
Then it's back inside and he completely passes out.

I can't wait for him to be feeling better so I can stop stalking him like a hawk. 
His every move, every sniff or lick. 
I'm on him like white on rice.

It's exhausting.

10 more days until the vet visit.

Good news:
Asher's swelling is going down significantly.
Asher is down from pain meds 3 times a day to just 2.
Asher has only gone potty inside once since he's been home. (It wasn't on my watch!!!)

Bad news:
Jake can't stand to put Ash in his kennel at night... 
This means someone is sleeping on the floor with the dog... 
Guess who has the ability to sleep anywhere, regardless of comfort. 
(it's a talent, really)


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

It will get better girl!!!!!! He seems to be improving so much already. We put some chew toys and sprinkled a few pieces of toys in the kennel at first to get Tomlin used to it. Worked like a charm

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, no. Not the floor. I'm glad Asher is getting better.