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June 20, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend was R-diculousness.

For the past 12 days Jake's car has been dead. 
We were driving home from his mom's a little over a week ago and all of a sudden the car went from regular to louder than all get out. I thought his muffler completely fell off. I thought we lost it forever in the abyss.
We got home and Jake promptly got under the car. 
It was still there.
But the whole pipe was completely rusted out.

So for the past week and a half we've resorted to being a one car family. 
It's not working out so hot with me being at Ragtime rehearsal every night and Jake coaching youth soccer at our church, participating in MMA and his work volleyball team.
Not to mention all the extra stuff that has been going on. 
TOB's baby shower.
A Girl's night (on my one night off from the play).
My voice lesson.
Jake's ENT appointment.

Needless to say tonight is the first night I'm going to be able to get to the post office. 
(My sincere apologies)

Don't even ask about the state of our food supply. 
I haven't even thought about grocery shopping since the end of May.
I was lucky enough to get to the pet store to get the animals food. (It was a close call)

It's been a little crazy.

But in spite of all of that we had an awesome weekend. Due to having to be at my parent's house so much with the car issues (I love my dad) I've spent more time hanging out with my side of the family this past weekend than I have in quite some time. 
We hung out there and I got to be with Paisley while the boys tinkered around with the car. afterward, we invited everyone over to our place for pizza and a movie to thank Dad for his awesomeness while 'Rad' (Big Sis' hubs) and Jake put together our new grill. 
Then for father's day, after play rehearsal, we invited them over again to break in the new grill for a father's day grilling extravaganza! 
It was pretty awesome.

The result's of three nights in a row of going to bed past midnight is starting to catch up with us.
(The first night was our own fault. Jake bought Braveheart on Blu-ray and Jake just had to watch it after we got home...I'm not even going to mention my weekend of Benedryl love.)

Tonight we're juggling one car, hopefully, for the last time. 
Post office, home, rehearsal.
Tuesday, Jake will be spending the evening finishing the repair of his car, as long as they don't get rained out.

Praise the Lord for helpful family.
Dad, you're a lifesaver.

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