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June 25, 2011

In Light of the Broken Pup

Due to the crazy vet bills that are going to start stacking up on our kitchen table, Jake and I are going to forcibly change our lifestyle choices.

Meaning I'm forcing it.

For every second of the 12 weeks Jake is still here (we're still planning on deployment as of right now. The President can make whatever announcements he wants.) We will be dealing with a healing puppy.
We have to have money to pay the vet bills as well as every other bill in our life.
(No we don't have pet insurance and I'm looking at it to see if they would count the leg as a preexisting condition or not)
As of right now we have the funds to pay cash...
I don't know if that will last and we have to be prepared just in case.

Talking it out with my SIL and Big Sis, who I love and adore and help me keep my sanity, has brought out the ideas of the opportunities that come with Asher breaking his leg.

Asher will be potty trained by the time this is over.
He thought one foot on the potty pad while peeing was the same thing as being on the potty pad. Due to severely restricted movement of the first couple of weeks this is an opportunity to truly potty train our little man. 
It will take diligence.
We will have to be on a very strict potty and food schedule. 
It will take time. 
The first spot you put a dog isn't where they want to potty. we have to stop the circling and wandering.
It will take kahones.
No excuses.

Asher will possibly become a tiny bit tamer.
No death defying leaps.
No using the couch as a racetrack.
This is not a sure thing. 
I've read that 'Italian Greyhounds are built like horses but have the brains of a billy goat.'

Asher will learn to swim.
Well this depends on the type of rehab the vet suggests.

Asher will no longer sleep in our bed.
complete immobility of the leg means no co-sleeping. 
I roll. 
Jake rolls.
It's a done decision.
Jake will probably cry about that one. He loved co-sleeping.

Asher will be crate trained.
There is no way he couldn't be with the near 100% confinement during the healing.

Asher will get daily walks during rehab
This is a good thing for him and for us.
Good habits all around.

Asher will get to eat cottage cheese.
I have read that it's an additive that is suggested while recovering.
Good source of vitamins and calcium (or something like that).
Plus, I always feel bad turning down his efforts to table surf.

Asher will get tons of safe chew toys.
He is not allowed to get bored in his confinement.
It'll increase the risk that he'll mess with his injury.

Asher will get a cute doggy bed.
And with the introduction of an ex-pen into our decor I really hope he'll actually use it.

Asher will have to use the heating pad to stay warm.
I bought one right when we got him and it's been out of use for quite some time...
Too much time.

Asher can't be cold.
Because of the minimal amount of fat on his leg and the new cold metal that is under there, Asher will be prone to getting colder easier. 
We will have to keep the house at a warmer temperature. 
that means possibly turning off the AC and lowering our monthly bill.
(It's a good thing we were planning on getting ceiling fans for upstairs anyway.)

So there is a list of the possible good that can come of this.

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