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June 8, 2011

First Giveaway Winner!

I used random.org to choose the 2 winners for the first giveaway. 
I felt like a secret detective as I traipsed all over the internet looking at tweets and blogs. 
I just have to say, I'm so lucky to have all of you and I love finding new people to read/care about. 

Now for the winners!
There were 40! (Wahoo, go team!)
 Using random.org, I randomly numbered the list of entry names. 
(Some people had up to 8 individual entries!)
Then, I randomized numbers 1-40. 
The firs two numbers were the winners.

Number 16 - Christine
Number 21 - Alyssa

Alyssa chose the Golden Blush set and Christine will get the Silver Romance set!

I'm so excited! 

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