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June 24, 2011

Dear Friends

Please do not call me when I'm at home and expect me to leave my house after 9:30. It's not going to happen unless it's an emergency.

Please do not 'stop by' after 9:30 unless you want to participate in wine and a movie. I'm done with social calls unless it is an emergency.

I will not get into the car with you if you've consumed any amount of alcohol.

If you'd rather have a conversation with your phone than actual people, please be polite about it and leave. Real people deserve undivided attention. 

I do not want to hear the life stories about 'friends' of yours that I don't like, don't know that well or have never met. 

I will always choose to drive myself. The last thing I want to do is be at the mercy of your schedule.

I don't like being talked over. No matter how important you think your opinion is, let others finish their thoughts before you butt in.

I'm sometimes overly sarcastic. If I offend, please be nice about telling me I'm crass.

Don't be offended if I correct your grammar. It's not my fault you don't know how to speak.

I don't want to hear your complaints all the time. Please bring something a little more interesting to the conversation sometimes.

When I say, 'We'll see'... 98% of the time that means 'No'.

I'm quick to get riled up and just as quick to get over an incident. And once I'm over it, that means don't bring it up again. It's done.

I let things slide more often than not. Once it's a repeat offense, I'm past the point of no return.

If you don't like musicals you can't be my friend...

I'm almost serious about that last one. Almost.

I'm never actually rude on purpose. Sarcastic, definitely. Rude, never.

Sometimes I say really, really stupid things before I think about them. 

If you have a real issue with one of the people in my family, let me know. I'd rather know than be completely oblivious. 

Family comes first. I may complain about them, but they're mine and I love them all. No matter what I say.


Amanda said...

It feels so good to have things clear in your head, sharing them with others is so wise.

Also, I totally get you on the speaking before thinking sometimes.

Sara said...