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June 3, 2011

Another Wedding

For the new followers to Dishes & Wishes via the grandiose, splendid and marvelous week of giveaways; a little background/timeline.
(I have no idea if I used that semi-colon right... punctuation fiends please ignore.)

SIL and her hubs (he needs a nickname... We'll call him Math) got married in December of 2007. 
Bro and BW got married in September of 2008.
Big Sis and her hubs (dang, no nick name for him either?... we'll call him Rad) got married in June of 2008.
Twin and TOB got married in August of 2009.
Jake and I got married in November of 2009.
MIL and SFIL got married in October of 2010.

Today we're adding Jake's grandma into the mix.

I'm super happy for her. 

Her first husband passed away when the boys were in middle school. In a way it's still kinda fresh for them. we talk about him all the time. I never got to meet him, but everyone tells me that we would have hit it off. 

It's interesting to see this relationship play out. I think G-ma's fiancée is really good for her, even if he kinda came out of no where. At least she has someone to really spend her time with. He'll keep her catering/nurturing personality busy. 


I totally forgot about the wedding until last night when TOB called me to talk about car pooling to the wedding so that the boys could go straight to the event from drill. I kept talking to her calmly while I scrambled to my closet in search of a dress. I found one that I bought on a whim last fall. I've never worn it 1. because I've not had anythign to wear it to. 2. because it has that weird pleating at the waistband where you can't tell if it makes you look heavier or not...

This isn't the exact dress. But it's pretty damn close. 
The print is more blocky and the straps are black.
Plus it has the weird pleating thing going on that this dress doesn't.
Actually, if you just take that print and put it on this dress
 add a black waistband and straps... You get my dress.

(I'll just blog about it later. Sheesh!)


We talked while I tried it on. (being on the phone with TOB anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours is completely normal)  I listened while I looked for shoes, fought with the dog over some shoes, and coerced Jake into going to target with me to buy new shoes.

Jake started to lecture me about not having any gas in my car and I used it as an excuse to get off the phone after almost an hour of her talking at me....

I'm polite, what can I say?

Then he huffed and puffed while I tried on shoes.
Then he had the nerve to tell me that nude patent heels were ugly. Ugly?!

But then he told me that they'd be hot in black... 
So I caved and got the shoes my hubs told me would be 'Eff Me Pumps'...
OK! So he didn't quote an Amy Winehouse song. 

I can't help it that I love to make my hubs happy... 
But, I'm not going to lie and tell you that I'm not thinking about returning those heels and getting the nude ones after work today.

So enjoy your weekend. 
Enter my 1st and 2nd giveaway that I'm hosting to celebrate reaching, and passing, the 100 follower mark.

Tonight the finale of giveaways is posting at 7pm. 
Don't miss it.
It's my favorite so far. 

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Grammy Goodwill said...

That's a lot of weddings. Did you return the shoes????