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June 14, 2011

2011 Tony's Red Carpet

The bad:
Oh Patti, Tony's... Award Ceremony... 
I think she does it on purpose...

The OK:
I'm not all about the classic sweetheart with an asymmetrical strap thrown on like an afterthought.
 I like the dress, but it's a little too 'wedding' for me.
Alec, classy.
Doesn't this dress look like the one from 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 days'... just white?
 Very beautiful... but no wow factor..

The Yay!!!
So pretty. And her acceptance speech made me cry.
 Not usually my style but this dress kinda rocks!
Sutton Foster. You're amazing. The color of your dress is amazing. I love it!
 I love both of these dresses. The blue one more. (Can you believe She's in her late 50's?!)
 Classic, red. stunning. (I wish I had CZJ on the actual red carpet.)

The stunner of the night.
I adore this dress. 
The color. 
The sash. 
Ugh. I want it!

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