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June 30, 2011

Please Empty Your Pockets

I love doing laundry. 
It's a chore that does it's self. 
I put it in the washer.
 Go do whatever the heck I want.
 Switch it to the dryer. 
Go do whatever I want then fold it. 

Here are some Google finds that are laundry related and awesome.

OK, OK so the last one wasn't laundry related... 
But it's funny!

June 29, 2011

Is it Gray or Grey?

Either way I want a couch of the charcoal persuasion.
I adore sectionals, but I love me some vintage furniture.
Plus, it might just be a trend...
Some of my google finds before Pinterest.

June 28, 2011

The Past 2 Days

Since Asher has come home all he has wanted to do is sleep. Which is totally fine with me. There is nothing better for healing than restful sleep. I take after my father in the fact that when I'm sick, depressed, or exhausted, I sleep. 

And when I say sleep, I mean sleep. 
My mom always knew when ever I was faking a sick day because if something was really wrong I'd be passed out all day. Waking up to pee. That's it.
If not, I'd be reading or playing video games. 

Asher has been sleeping.
I've been watching movies.

Netflix is amazballs.

But, I'm getting tired of it. 
I can't even imagine how Asher feels.
Well in all reality, he's healing and getting some R&R. I'm sure he's peachy.
When I take him outside to potty and he sees a neighbor he gets so excited it's hard to contain him. 
I'm talking tail wagging, legs moving, nose sniffing, tongue reaching to give automatic kisses excited.
Then it's back inside and he completely passes out.

I can't wait for him to be feeling better so I can stop stalking him like a hawk. 
His every move, every sniff or lick. 
I'm on him like white on rice.

It's exhausting.

10 more days until the vet visit.

Good news:
Asher's swelling is going down significantly.
Asher is down from pain meds 3 times a day to just 2.
Asher has only gone potty inside once since he's been home. (It wasn't on my watch!!!)

Bad news:
Jake can't stand to put Ash in his kennel at night... 
This means someone is sleeping on the floor with the dog... 
Guess who has the ability to sleep anywhere, regardless of comfort. 
(it's a talent, really)

June 27, 2011

Asher's Leg

Here are some pictures from the weekend. It's not much because we've had our hands busy.
Here is the x-ray from Thursday showing the break.
It was pretty bad.
But we have such a blessing in our vet, Dr. B. He is also the orthopedic surgeon for the clinic we regularly go to. He was actually on vacation when we came in on Thursday. He came in to do the surgery Friday morning. He then called Saturday to talk to us after Asher was back home with us. He kept saying how he loved his job and that it was really gratifying to see a puppy who couldn't use a leg one day, want to try to run on it the next.
(We won't let Ash, but he has tried because of how excited he gets when he sees friends.)
He said that while it was the worst break he has personally dealt with it was also his 'most beautiful work'. 
I love that man for all that he has done for us.

Here are the x-rays from after the surgery.
 Pretty impressive. They didn't pin the ulnar bone because it isn't a weight bearing bone and would do a 'beautiful job healing itself.'

here's the battle wound.
Asher is being such a good boy. He's restricted for walking, but allowed to hobble around during potty breaks. Otherwise he is restricted to our laps or his kennel. He has to wear the cone of shame when we're not able to directly supervise him.
 This is us watching Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire Saturday... Well, we know who made it through the movie.

My poor baby.

In 2 weeks we get to go in to get the stitches removed.
An follow up x-ray is scheduled for a month from now.

We may have to do some rehab, depending on how he is doing. Hopefully we'll be able to take care of that ourselves.
He should be back to himself, hopefully a little calmer, in about three months.
(Right before Jake has to leave.)
I love my little man, but this is going to be an expensive and draining couple of months.

Jake is home with him today.
Hopefully things are going OK. 
I'm trying not to text every hour...

June 25, 2011

In Light of the Broken Pup

Due to the crazy vet bills that are going to start stacking up on our kitchen table, Jake and I are going to forcibly change our lifestyle choices.

Meaning I'm forcing it.

For every second of the 12 weeks Jake is still here (we're still planning on deployment as of right now. The President can make whatever announcements he wants.) We will be dealing with a healing puppy.
We have to have money to pay the vet bills as well as every other bill in our life.
(No we don't have pet insurance and I'm looking at it to see if they would count the leg as a preexisting condition or not)
As of right now we have the funds to pay cash...
I don't know if that will last and we have to be prepared just in case.

Talking it out with my SIL and Big Sis, who I love and adore and help me keep my sanity, has brought out the ideas of the opportunities that come with Asher breaking his leg.

Asher will be potty trained by the time this is over.
He thought one foot on the potty pad while peeing was the same thing as being on the potty pad. Due to severely restricted movement of the first couple of weeks this is an opportunity to truly potty train our little man. 
It will take diligence.
We will have to be on a very strict potty and food schedule. 
It will take time. 
The first spot you put a dog isn't where they want to potty. we have to stop the circling and wandering.
It will take kahones.
No excuses.

Asher will possibly become a tiny bit tamer.
No death defying leaps.
No using the couch as a racetrack.
This is not a sure thing. 
I've read that 'Italian Greyhounds are built like horses but have the brains of a billy goat.'

Asher will learn to swim.
Well this depends on the type of rehab the vet suggests.

Asher will no longer sleep in our bed.
complete immobility of the leg means no co-sleeping. 
I roll. 
Jake rolls.
It's a done decision.
Jake will probably cry about that one. He loved co-sleeping.

Asher will be crate trained.
There is no way he couldn't be with the near 100% confinement during the healing.

Asher will get daily walks during rehab
This is a good thing for him and for us.
Good habits all around.

Asher will get to eat cottage cheese.
I have read that it's an additive that is suggested while recovering.
Good source of vitamins and calcium (or something like that).
Plus, I always feel bad turning down his efforts to table surf.

Asher will get tons of safe chew toys.
He is not allowed to get bored in his confinement.
It'll increase the risk that he'll mess with his injury.

Asher will get a cute doggy bed.
And with the introduction of an ex-pen into our decor I really hope he'll actually use it.

Asher will have to use the heating pad to stay warm.
I bought one right when we got him and it's been out of use for quite some time...
Too much time.

Asher can't be cold.
Because of the minimal amount of fat on his leg and the new cold metal that is under there, Asher will be prone to getting colder easier. 
We will have to keep the house at a warmer temperature. 
that means possibly turning off the AC and lowering our monthly bill.
(It's a good thing we were planning on getting ceiling fans for upstairs anyway.)

So there is a list of the possible good that can come of this.

June 24, 2011

Opinion Outpost

If you're looking for a good way to make just a little extra cash, check out Opinion Outpost.

It's a survey site. 

I've taken surveys about nearly every thing.
video games

it takes a little while for points to really add up, but once they do you get addicted to seeing that number rise.

Dear Friends

Please do not call me when I'm at home and expect me to leave my house after 9:30. It's not going to happen unless it's an emergency.

Please do not 'stop by' after 9:30 unless you want to participate in wine and a movie. I'm done with social calls unless it is an emergency.

I will not get into the car with you if you've consumed any amount of alcohol.

If you'd rather have a conversation with your phone than actual people, please be polite about it and leave. Real people deserve undivided attention. 

I do not want to hear the life stories about 'friends' of yours that I don't like, don't know that well or have never met. 

I will always choose to drive myself. The last thing I want to do is be at the mercy of your schedule.

I don't like being talked over. No matter how important you think your opinion is, let others finish their thoughts before you butt in.

I'm sometimes overly sarcastic. If I offend, please be nice about telling me I'm crass.

Don't be offended if I correct your grammar. It's not my fault you don't know how to speak.

I don't want to hear your complaints all the time. Please bring something a little more interesting to the conversation sometimes.

When I say, 'We'll see'... 98% of the time that means 'No'.

I'm quick to get riled up and just as quick to get over an incident. And once I'm over it, that means don't bring it up again. It's done.

I let things slide more often than not. Once it's a repeat offense, I'm past the point of no return.

If you don't like musicals you can't be my friend...

I'm almost serious about that last one. Almost.

I'm never actually rude on purpose. Sarcastic, definitely. Rude, never.

Sometimes I say really, really stupid things before I think about them. 

If you have a real issue with one of the people in my family, let me know. I'd rather know than be completely oblivious. 

Family comes first. I may complain about them, but they're mine and I love them all. No matter what I say.

A Flying Leap

That's what we had to tell the vet, and people we talked to immediately afterward, what happened.

That Asher took a flying leap off our bed while he was chasing the cat. In all honesty, I'm surprised she believed me.

Yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least. Jake and I got off work and headed out to the Honda dealership to spend $92 on 4 bolts and 2 gaskets for his car. Not our idea of a great time. In the car we talked about all kinds of stuff. We hadn't seen too much of each other recently due to my play practices and his MMA workouts, youth soccer practices, drill, and seemingly hundreds of other things he has going on. 

We were supposed to pick up Asher and head straight over to my parents so my dad and Jake could finally replace the resignator and exhaust pipe on Jake's Civic.

We took a little romantic detour.

Or at least we tried. 

On reflection we probably could have left Asher in his cage. We could have taken care of business and paid our little pup some attention. That's all he wanted. He was so excited to see us after being kenneled while we were at work and we were a little preoccupied.

I, on accident, nudged him off our bed in the heat of the moment.

You can laugh, I give you permission.
Hell, I'll even joke with you about it while I cry inside.

Can you see why we have two stories going on here?
Please, if you were told the 'G' story, I don't want to talk about how we're changing stories mid-crisis. We told you the nice version so the vet's staff, and you, wouldn't talk bad about us. 
Also, because it is absolutely mortifying... Please don't be offended or mad about it.
But that's what really happened.

His crying didn't register to me at first. 
Jake said he heard his leg break. 
I shudder just thinking about it.

All of a sudden Jake was out of bed and scooping Asher up. 

They call it the 'Italian Greyhound death cry'... Now, Jake and I know why.

He called for me to call the vet. I was up and starting to get dressed because I knew we were going to the vet. I ran downstairs in a little less clothes than I'm comfortable to grab the vets number off the fridge. I called and told them we were coming. Running back upstairs I finished getting back into my clothes while Jake tried calming Ash down. Once I was ready I took him so Jake could get dressed.

It was awful. 

Jake didn't handle it well because of his state of undress and complete immobility. It's amazing the words that can fly out of his mouth in that kind of situation. It didn't help things in the least.
I had to keep a cool head while internally screaming at myself and trying and get everything calmed down and taken care of.

If the situation had been just a smidgen different, say if we had both been dressed, Jake and I would have worked amazingly as a team.

Asher calmed down and only started the death scream if his leg/wrist was jostled. It made passing him off a heart wrenching experience.

Jake got peed on.
I almost puked because of the type of break it was. 
Not compound, praise the Lord. 
But disturbing to look at.

We are very blessed that our vet is also an animal hospital and only a 4 minute drive from our house.
Also that we have such a resilient pup.

It was an awful 10 minutes between the break happening and getting to the vet. They were amazing about getting him into a room quickly.
I went in with him and Jake called family members, especially my dad who was waiting for us, about what 'had happened'.

They took Asher back and took x-rays.
This isn't his x-ray. 
The link on our disk was broken, so this is the closest to what his looked like and what the vet will do in surgery today.

I cried for almost 3 hours after it happened.

If it had been a true accident on his part I think I wouldn't have been as affected.
But the accident was my fault.
Not Jake's.
Not Asher's.

The accidents are always my fault, it seems.

Jake was upset and I'm so afraid he's going to blame me, not for hurting our puppy because it was 100000% unintentional, but for the bill that is going to come with Asher's visit.

Add onto that the guilt that I feel for being the cause for my baby puppy's pain. 
My sister said it sounded like I had 'mother's guilt'. 
Only my dog had a broken leg.
It's a little different from infant's getting shots...
Kind of the same...
But very different.

Please don't criticize me about this incident. 
I don't need any more guilt.
I'm giving myself more than enough for all of us.
don't remind me of the breed we purchased or 'paid too much for'.
I didn't want to hear any 'I told you so's'.
My dad made sure to beat you to the punch.

I just wanted to tell someone.
I wanted to get it out and try to recover, emotionally, from the shock and feeling so ashamed.
I can't even look Jake in the eye.

I didn't want to start crying again.

June 23, 2011

What is Your wardrobe Missing?

I looked into my closet and noticed that my closet was missing a few things.

1. Matching hangers. I'm mid switch from the white plastic to the Slimline hangers. (I l.o.v.e. them and can't wait until I'm all switched over.)

2. Organized shoes. (How do you organize your shoes.?) I need a new system.

3. Space... I don't think I really have that many clothes. I think my closet rack would beg to differ... I don't think having my wedding dress in there really helps the situation out any.

4. Color. I have a multitude of white, grey, black and smidgens of reds, yellows, and blues splashed in there... What about greens? Pinks? Oranges?..... Ok with my coloring i might have to take back the orange suggestion. Shopping Mission: No neutrals.

5. This:

June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday

yep, it's time to link up with Shannon again over at L.A.I.D.

This week I have to say, "So what if:...

  • I'm still not recovered from the weekend. Having people over at the casa well past midnight has taken it's toll. Yes Lord, I now know that I'm officially an old lady. can you please return my regularly rested sleeping please?
  • I roped a high schooler into learning my Ragtime dance routines so she can dance them for the Sunday performance so I can go to the dang deployment yellow ribbon event. Sucker. (I <3 my little A. buddy. She's the bestest h.s. kid ever!)
  • I'm not pleased that I have to go to the yellow ribbon day in the first place. I love my husband. I support his choices. I support his status as a soldier.... But man I do not appreciate the Army N.G. and their lack of solid plans, advanced notice, respect for their soldiers.
  • Maybe I just don't want to go to an event that is where Jake will have to draw up a Will and deal with insurance for me. One more step away...
  • I prefer to write on post-it notes than pads of paper.
  • I talk during rehearsal. It's to save me from punching people.
  • I try to use karate motions in daily life as often as possible. I'm pretty creative about it too.
  • I'm kinda violent. in a passive aggressive way. :)
  • I can quote quite a bit of Monty Python and the holy Grail...
  • I am currently trying to tempt my husband into picking me up early from work so we can go home and 'cuddle'... a.k.a. I just want to go home and take a big ol' nap. he can do what ever he wants. Play x-box, walk the dog, go fishing... Just so long as I get to sleep.
That's about it. I could go on, but I'm sure I'll start over sharing.

Let me know if you join in this week!

June 21, 2011

Puppy Parents, This is a Must Read...

When we got Asher, we had the few toys that you would recognize coming from those 'you have a new puppy' kits. You know what I'm talking about...The customary matching tennis ball and rope toy that screams "I want my dog to be so posh and trendy." They were left over from Maverick, since we knew we were getting a puppy not long after we put him down. 

Upon getting Asher home, realizing that he was 10000000 times more energetic than Maverick ever was, we drove the 30 minutes to SIL and Math's house to burn off some puppy craziness with their 2 shih tzu's, Boo Radley and Scout. (Yes, SIL is a huge To Kill a Mocking Bird fan)

Upon leaving I asked if the had any old toys they would like to donate to the crazy puppy fund. SIL told me to check the coat closet and take whatever I wanted. There were quite a few dog toys in the stash and I didn't want to seem greedy, so I took the most durable thing I found that was blue (at that point I was still thinking in the matchy-matchy way of things). It was a crazy rubber bone with fabric ties on one end. I had no idea where it was from and decided that it would work. 

It turned into Asher's Linus blanket. 
He took it with him everywhere. 
He held it and tried ripping the ties to shreds. 
He shook the bajeezus out of it.
He even slept with it.

Then we lost it at MIL's house.
My shoes became the central target of his fury.

I didn't want to replace it knowing that he would get it back the next weekend, so we went to the pet store and perused the isles for a quick fix replacement. I found out that the beloved blue bone was from a line called petstages. I saw it and my fingers paused in snatching it and running out of the store.

We didn't need 2 of the exact same toys, did we?
The whole line was so loud and obnoxious. I mean really, dogs don't need lime green, yellow, orange and black toys... And I didn't need those tacky things laying all over my house...
Wasn't he going to be getting his precious blue bone back that weekend?
Any rubber toy with ties would do, wouldn't it?

So, I looked things over and decided to grab a different Petstages toy. It was a light blue barbell chew with the same ropes on it as the blue bone... 
It would work, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
(Granted it was the best distraction we had.) 

Once we got the blue bone back, I wept with relief. 

Then about 2 weeks later he lost it.
I bolted to the pet store and bought a new one. 

I contemplated buying two. 

Now that we have it, he's found his old one and is 100% content with having two. 
He also likes to reminisce about the taste of shoe and carry a flip flop, flat or heel around every once in a blue moon... 
Until I shove that beautiful blue bone in his face and stash my shoes in high place... 
Ezekiel is starting to loose perching places around the apartment. I think he might be starting to think I'm trying to displace him as King Kitty.

So new pet parents... 
Go get your new pup a Petstages toy. 
Get two.
Hell, buy the whole 'chewing' line like we just did. 

Your shoes will thank you.

June 20, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend was R-diculousness.

For the past 12 days Jake's car has been dead. 
We were driving home from his mom's a little over a week ago and all of a sudden the car went from regular to louder than all get out. I thought his muffler completely fell off. I thought we lost it forever in the abyss.
We got home and Jake promptly got under the car. 
It was still there.
But the whole pipe was completely rusted out.

So for the past week and a half we've resorted to being a one car family. 
It's not working out so hot with me being at Ragtime rehearsal every night and Jake coaching youth soccer at our church, participating in MMA and his work volleyball team.
Not to mention all the extra stuff that has been going on. 
TOB's baby shower.
A Girl's night (on my one night off from the play).
My voice lesson.
Jake's ENT appointment.

Needless to say tonight is the first night I'm going to be able to get to the post office. 
(My sincere apologies)

Don't even ask about the state of our food supply. 
I haven't even thought about grocery shopping since the end of May.
I was lucky enough to get to the pet store to get the animals food. (It was a close call)

It's been a little crazy.

But in spite of all of that we had an awesome weekend. Due to having to be at my parent's house so much with the car issues (I love my dad) I've spent more time hanging out with my side of the family this past weekend than I have in quite some time. 
We hung out there and I got to be with Paisley while the boys tinkered around with the car. afterward, we invited everyone over to our place for pizza and a movie to thank Dad for his awesomeness while 'Rad' (Big Sis' hubs) and Jake put together our new grill. 
Then for father's day, after play rehearsal, we invited them over again to break in the new grill for a father's day grilling extravaganza! 
It was pretty awesome.

The result's of three nights in a row of going to bed past midnight is starting to catch up with us.
(The first night was our own fault. Jake bought Braveheart on Blu-ray and Jake just had to watch it after we got home...I'm not even going to mention my weekend of Benedryl love.)

Tonight we're juggling one car, hopefully, for the last time. 
Post office, home, rehearsal.
Tuesday, Jake will be spending the evening finishing the repair of his car, as long as they don't get rained out.

Praise the Lord for helpful family.
Dad, you're a lifesaver.

June 17, 2011

Fanciful Fashion Friday

Love at first click.