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May 16, 2011

XBox Kinect Review

I have always complained that our choice of gaming system, the Xbox 360, never had girl type games that I would want to play. Every game that I ever saw involved shooting bad guys or..... blowing up bad guys. Not quite my type of game.

Plus the controller was a little involved for my taste... So you use the little joy stick, do you not use it. I thought that's what the arrows were for. I spend more time looking at what my hands are doing rather than the screen... Then I get killed.

I'd rather not be killed in a game. It's just not fun when you don't even stand a chance.

As a prize for making it through the two weeks of training with out spending much money, Jake let me get the Kinect!

(I totally thought we were going to get a grill... Which would have been no fun for me.)

The Kinect came with the Kinect Adventure game that is similar to the what the Wii has. I loved making my avatar, playing agility games sans controller.

He then downloaded got us the dance central game!!
It's amazing!

I've only played it twice since we got it. Each time it was for 2-3 hours. I love the game and I actually start sweating when I play. I feel like I do pretty well for myself. ('Easy' lets you believe your a dancing machine)

It was totally worth blowing a little money on. Now I can work out and have fun doing it!

Jake's not as keen on dancing up a storm.

But it was funny when I caught him trying the dance moves in the kitchen while he was george forman-ing up some chicken breasts.

I highly recommend it.

And I like it better than the Wii. {Gasp}

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